Get Started with the Mavic 2 (pt.1) – Setup, Firmware, and Calibration Tutorial

How’s it going everybody edy Ricker here This is the beginner’s guide to the Mavic to Getting started from scratch as if you’re just unboxing the drone every time I unbox or eyes, you know Make one of these beginner’s guide videos. The first thing that I always say to do is get the batteries […]

DJI Mavic 2 Firmware Update: GO App & DJI Assistant 2 [4K]

You’ve got a Mavic 2 and want to know how to easily update the firmware using one of the two ways possible. We’ll show you how coming right up Hey what’s up Felix here with Quadcopterguide bringing you the best drone guides, reviews, and tips. On this channel we do a lot of guides and […]

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