7 skills every engineer should have irrespective of the branch | Engineering skills

Engineering is dynamic so it needs people who can work across disciplines with others and continually adapt to new challenges it doesn’t matters of what branch you are every engineering student or an engineer must have these qualities to be successful effective communication skills engineers tend to prioritize technical skills over communication skills not realizing […]

Don’t Be A Programmer

I get a lot of questions about programming but I don’t think they’re the right questions to ask questions like how many languages do I need to learn what language do I need to learn to get to company X what’s the difference between a and B and which makes more money what are the […]

Co-op and Careers in Software Engineering @ RIT

[ Music ]>>We basically get to take a quarter or two off, and we go into industry and work in our field.>>I co-oped at Citrix Systems.>>The Walt Disney Company.>>Electronic Arts.>>I worked at Google.>>Goodrich Aerospace.>>Oracle Systems.>>Microsoft.>>Vicarious Visions in Albany, New York.>>I was working on YouTube.>>I worked at Microsoft.>>IBM in Durham, North Carolina.>>One of the things that […]

Interning at Google – Jana: Software Engineer Intern

Hello, my name is Jana. I’m from the Czech Republic. I study at Charles University in Prague, and I work as software engineer intern in Zurich. When I applied for internship, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was very surprised. I work in ads quality team in Zurich, so our job is […]

How Creating Products Motivates Software Engineer – Chris Hinkle

The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

So I’m happy to report we have succeeded in rerouting our flagships. Way ahead of schedule, yet again. This has allowed us to improve our USPs by 90%. That’s 9 out of every 10! Excellent, thank you Samuel. Timothy, what’s the status with the Linear Solutions? Could you give us the latest on the Square […]

CAREERS IN IT– Information Technology,MNC ,Software,Jobs,Institutions,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in IT The job role IT creates a buzz and is the hot job which is in demand these days. With the assistance of information technology all tasks related to business […]

Be More – With the bioMérieux Systems Development Team

At bioMérieux, we’re more than a diagnostics company. Our technology helps save lives, and you don’t have to be a biologist to work here. I’m Jared, and I’m more than a hardware engineer. I bring designs from imagination to reality. I’m John. I’m more than a firmware engineer. I bring our systems to life. I’m […]

How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

how I landed my first job as a software engineer

Welcome to another episode. Today I want to talk about how I landed my first job as a software engineer in New York City. To give you a bit of a background about myself I graduated from college in 2018 last year, and I’ve been working since August until Currently and I’m still working here […]

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