Meet Software Engineers Who Build Google’s Tools and Infrastructure

My name is Karin Lundberg. My name is Tim Leahy and I’m a software engineer in tools and infrastructure, also called SETI for short. A SETI is a software engineer first and foremost. We develop code. The difference between a SETI and a traditional software engineer is that our customers are actually other engineers, so […]

What’s it like to be a Software Engineer? — Ask a Googler

Hi, I’m Adrienne Porter Felt and I’m a software engineer and manager on the Google Chrome team. I think of myself kind of like a fairy godmother. I go around the Chrome team spreading the joy of two things: the first is usable security and the second is data-driven product development. Over the last five […]

Meet Hardware Engineers at Google

I am a hardware reliability engineer. A hardware engineer works on something that’s physical. I’m an RF antenna engineer. I design our systems and antennas. I do black magic at Google, actually, literally because we are dealing with invisible waves. So we have a Google group named black magic. So in my role there are […]

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