Workday HCM, Financials, and Analytics in the Cloud: A Software Industry Analyst Perspective

Why is Workday important in the market? Workday was the first SaaS company that actually designed their solution. Once again, like I said, for the worker not thinking about the HR department and the finance department first. … What Workday did is Workday actually reimagined those processes, put them online with the worker being the […]

Marketing Technology: The MarTech Landscape of Tools and Software (CXOTalk #249)

Welcome to Episode #249 of CxOTalk. I’m Michael Krigsman, an industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk. Today, we are exploring the world of marketing technology and our guest is… You know, I call him, “Mr. Martech,” because he is the guy, more than anybody else, who popularized that term, and whose research has done […]

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