Crest Capital Reviews | Computer Software Financing

Hi this is Michael Brochstein with Brochstein & Bantley. I just want to make note of the fact that I have been extremely pleased the customer service that I have had out of you folks in getting my lending done for this computer equipment purchase and I am very please and would certainly use Crest […]

Software Engineering graduate programme

One of the really fantastic things about the graduate programme is they really want you to develop yourself, so there’s funding to go on courses if they’re relevant to what you’re doing, they want you to spend time working with graduate councils, with employee led networks, with different people in the bank so that you […]

Hardware, Software, Trustware

The title of this talk is “Hardware, Software, Trustware.” How many of you have been paying attention to [all this news] about a fork? Has anybody heard of a fork? There is a culture gap being expressed in this fork. When most people look at this, they see the obvious culture gap. Most of the […]

Is Windows Defender actually heavier than other Antivirus?

PC Finance Manager Project | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw and this is AI News. This week we bring you a Developer Mesh project to inspire you. Adulting can be hard and when it comes to tracking your financial spending, well, we could all be a little better at that. Developer Bruce Hopkins from Barcelona has a vision to solve this problem, […]

Max – Software Developer IMC Sydney

I wanted to work somewhere where software development wasn’t seen as a cost centre. At IMC, its contribution is highly valued. In other financial institutions, software development is sometimes seen as secondary, but not here. We work in teams to solve really interesting challenges. Often, multiple skills sets are required to arrive at the best […]

Fenergo Software Developers

The technologies we use would be based around the, C Sharp stack, Java & Java script. and we use a number of different development environments so we use Microsoft Visual studio and TFS, in Java then we’d use Eclipse and a number of different JE containers. In terms of our web based design we […]

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