#18d Updating Firmware to GRBL V1.1 #18b / Phoenix CNC Controller

Ok I’ve just complied and uploaded the original firmware that I was using on my cnc machine – and that was 0.9j. I’ll just open the config.h file in the library. So the thing that I’ve changed in this config file are line 112, 254, 255, 261, 271 and I’ll write those down in the […]

Flashing T.VST59.031 LCD controller board firmware

This is the T.VST.59.031 lcd controller and I’ll be connecting it to an old laptop screen that I want to convert into a TV. Mine uses the V29 chip, and the seller says I need a LAMV29.bin file. I tried that and it didn’t work but I searched around and found this: seems some v29 […]

Cuety – Firmware upgrade

Hello. I am Maarten Engels from Visual Productions in the Netherlands. Welcome to this video about upgrading the firmware in your LPU device. The team at Visual Productions is constantly working on improving our existing software. This results in regular updates for both our apps and firmware. Upgrading your app when an update becomes available […]

How to use Wwr + SP Flash tool to backup Mediatek firmware

In this video tutorial, I’ll be explaining how to backup a Mediatek Android phone’s firmware using WWR_MTK tool and SP Flash tool. We already have a guide on how to dump using SP Flash tool but the advantage of this method is that you don’t need to have gotten a scatter file for your exact […]

Anet A8 Marlin Firmware

Hi, it’s me, @Caverntwo! In this video, I’m going to show you how to install the popular open-source Marlin Firmware on an Anet A8 3d-printer. While all of my earlier adaptions were either done on the printer itself, like swapping two wires of a motor to make it turn in the other direction or moving […]

Downgrade/Recovery Davinci XYZ 3D Printing Firmware

Hello, Hello everyone, I’m Xiao ke! Hello,大家好,我是小柯! I’m a 3D printer enthusiast, and this is a little model that I’ve printed. 我是一名3D打印机的爱好者,这是我打印的一些小模型。 And there’s the little toy, which I printed for my daughter. 还有小玩具,这是我为我女儿打印的。嗯,比较可爱。 well, it’s cute. this is my 3D printer, this is the da Vinci, the early one, jr 1.0. 这是我的3D打印机,这是达芬奇系列比较早期的一款打印机 The accuracy […]

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