Best FREE 2D Animation Software – For Beginners!

Do you hate animating on paper? Of course, you do. Introducing…. Computers! We all like free things, so here’s some free animation software! At number 3, there’s Plastic Animation Paper. This software is now obsolete, but the creators were generous enough to let everyone use that version for free! How nice! And, if you can […]

The TOP 1 LINUX DISTROS for 2019!!! 🖐😮🖐

In this video, at the request of subscribers I have finally decided to throw in my hat as to what the *best* Linux distro is. I’ve thought about it for quite a while, And I’m going to tell you what I think the best Linux distro is, all things considered.. but also, the *easiest* Linux […]

How to fix a slow computer

Hello. Has your computer ever gotten so slow, that you wanted to buy a new one? Well we can fix that. So what I want you to do is click The first program you’re going to download is Ccleaner. What Ccleaner does is gets rid of all the crap that you’re downloading off the […]

LGR – Prezzie Hunt – PC Game Review

[deep sigh] – Hey! – Auughh! Do you have to do this every year? Uh, ya know what time o’ year it is? – Know what time o’ year it is?! – Lemme guess. It’s December. – Yeah! – Mmm, yes. – Say it! – No, no, no… – Fine it’s time for Christmas Lazy […]

Getting started with Clipflair: Hercules SDH

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on how to subtitle videos using Clipflair. All files produced by the Clipflair platform have the extension .CLIPFLAIR and can only be opened through the platform, not with any programme in your computer. Also, the use of Firefox as a web browser is recommended because it works better […]

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