How to Optimize a Computer : Optimize a Computer: Delete Unused Programs

Okay, we’re looking at the list and you get; let’s move the list to where you can see, you know, here’s a live update which is this Norton. You, you can click this. Now, the one of the reasons we want to get rid of this is it says, demo of antivirus program, and you […]

Teenagent Review

How to Optimize a Computer : Optimize a Computer: Find Unused Programs

I want to start a little logic out here, I mean everybody is different out here and they have different approaches and things like that you know. You know you only have Volkswagon money why jump in and buy a Cadillac and Porsche, why get hooked on something that is a high priced spread and […]

LGR – Jetpack Christmas Special! – DOS PC Game Review

[Christmas LGR Theme plays] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] You know, Christmas is one of those times of year that will really bring out the nostalgic feelings in you for one reason or another. You go digging through old boxes of junk and remember things from previous years. Things that’ll make you go, “Oh, I remember […]

Gratis QR-Code Software

Programa de códigos QR gratis para Windows y Mac: QR-Code Studio de TEC-IT

LGR – Snowboard Santa – PC Game Review

[electronic version of “Little Drummer Boy”] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] So today’s game… I have no idea how I got it. Seriously, it just showed up in my download folder one day. I swear, I had never heard of it, much less sought it out. And yet, here it is! Presumably because I was trying […]

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