Softwares and Apps I Use Everyday As A Game Developer (With English Subtitles)

Hello friends, a very warm welcome to my channel In this video I will tell you that As a game developer which softwares I use And what tools I use Before we begin let me give a small background about myself My name is Nikhil Malankar And by profession I am a game developer I […]

November 2016 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

Open World Design – How to Build Open World Games – Extra Credits

A few weeks back, James was sitting down to dinner with a few of his designer friends, and they got to talking about an open-world game one of them was working on. As they talked they ended up discussing how they each conceptualized open-world design. Today, we’re going to go over the same problem, because […]

Game Developer’s Conference Preview! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

GDC 2019 is just a few days away. I’m Stephanie Essin, and in this IDZ Weekly, we spill the beans on Intel’s goals at the conference this year. Roger Chandler, Intel Vice President in the Architecture, Graphics, and Software group, shared his thoughts about what’s in store for Intel this year at the conference in […]

Day in the Life of a Japanese Game Programmer

This is a Day in a Life of a Japanese Game Programmer. This is Masa. 23 year old programmer living in Tokyo and working for one of the largest video game companies in Japan. And this is how he starts his workday. He lives alone in a typical Japanese apartment. Which are known for their […]

Fully Automated UV Unwrapping for Arbitrary Meshes | SIGGRAPH 2018 | Intel Software

My name is Eskil Steenberg, and I’m here at SIGGRAPH 2018, in the Intel booth, showing my fully automated UV Unwrapping software. This software can take any model and unwrap it so that you can put a texture on it. This saves countless hours for 3D artists who do this every day. A normal artist […]

Optimize your Games with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers | GDC 2019 | Intel Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, Stephanie Essin here at GDC. I’m up here with Carlos Dominguez from Intel. He’s telling us all about what’s new in the Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer. So Carlos, take it away. So we’re very excited to show a couple of new features that we’ve added to GPA. One of them is a […]

How to Get Started on Twitch as a Game Developer! | Intel Software

Android Developer Story: Ufoto achieve global success with Google Play & Android (Go edition)

My name is Ji Chen CEO of Ufoto Since we started the company in 2016 we’ve published several selfie and social sharing apps into the global market Our first app, Sweet Selfie exceeded 1M Daily Active Users in less than 3 months and was featured on Google Play As of today the app has reached […]

Optimize Games with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers | Intel Software

I’m Seth Schneider, here at GDC 2018, showing off the new release of Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here at GDC, we’re showing some really cool new features in Intel GPA. We’re working on Fortnite and Space Pirate Trainer. So in the Fortnite booth, what we’re showing is our new hotspot enabling mode. You […]

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