Get started with Azure for .NET developers | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. I’m here with Barry Luijbregts, AzureBarry on Twitter. You should follow him, Barry is one of our first people to come in Azure Friday and he works at Microsoft, and this is important because I want you to keep it real. I want you to talk to me about Azure for.NET Developers, […]

Getting Started with Creo for Students | PTC Academic

Hi, my name is Alexander Ouellet and I’m a senior applications engineer here at the PTC Academic Program. Today I’m gonna give you some helpful tips and tricks on using Creo. (upbeat music) One of the first things we need to do before we get started is make sure we have the right hardware. In […]

Software powering Falcon 9 & Dragon – Simply Explained

Hey there! My name is Xavier and as you might know I’m a developer. But I’m also a huge SpaceX fan and that got me thinking: what software and hardware powers the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon? Let’s first take a look at what challenges the hardware and software of a spacecraft faces when […]

Get Started with Mbed | Firmware update

firmware update for mbed boards go to and select your board find the firmware section follow the instructions, every platform is a little different. Thats it! Check out our other videos.

How to make a 2D Game in Unity

So, a question we get asked a lot is how to make a 2D game? Of course, this is a huge question to answer. But, hopefully, this video should help point you in the right direction. And this is actually filmed on our brand-new video camera. So, I hope the quality is all right. Apparently, […]

Getting Started with GitHub

Okay, you signed up for GitHub. What do you do now? You have a lot of options, and that can be overwhelming. GitHub is a powerful platform for software development, but at its heart, it’s about empowering people like you by helping you learn new skills from other developers, build the software that matters to […]

How to Get Into Software Engineering

hey Jarvis how do I get into software engineering well dramatized slightly younger version to me do you mind if I make a video so that other people like us could get some value out of it hi everyone today we’re going to talk about what I do for a living which is software engineering […]

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