November 2019 Firmware Updates — LUMIX S1, S1R, GH5, GH5S, G9 *and* GH5 vs G9 Update!

Hey everybody PhotoJoseph here a LUMIX Ambassador and there has been a huge update just announced for the Lumix S1 and S1R as Well as the Lumix GH5, GH5S and G9. I’m going to take you through a list of what all these new Features are that we can expect to see coming up on […]

GH5 2.3 firmware: what I like about it

My name is Chris and I’m a filmmaker. In the last video I actually made fun of the autofocus a bit. This is what I really think of the GH5 2.3 firmware update. ♪ [water falling] There’s not a whole lot of changes in this update. A lot of them are just tiny little things […]

Sony FS5 RAW Firmware Upgrade with the Atomos Inferno – 4K DCI in 12-Bit CinemaDNG

The Sony FS5 camera can record 4k UHD up to 30 frames a second in 420 8-bit, it can also do full HD up to 60 frames a second in 422 to 10-bit, both internally to SD card. In terms of slow motion can do up to 240 frames a second in full HD, but […]

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