Gimp: How To Make a Neon Effect

In this Gimp Workshop video we are going to apply a neon effect. There is a download link for the images and a PDF text file in the video description. We will start by making a canvas on which we will work. Go to file and click on new. We make the width 3000, hit […]

Gimp: How To Isolate a Car From Its Background

In this Gimp Workshop tutorial we are going to isolate a vintage car from its background. And we will see some tips and tricks to make the car look better. Right click on the image in your image folder and go to open with. Here we can click on Gimp. If you want to follow […]

Gimp: Little Planet Filter (Tiny Planet)

In this video we are going to apply the little planet filter. Make sure that Gimp is opened with the default settings. Go to file, open, search for the 01 Houston image, and open it. In the video description is a download link for this image, the PDF text file and the example image. Right […]

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