Gimp: How To Make a Man Of Steel. Chrome – Metal – Steel Effect. Remake.

In this tutorial, we are going to make a man of steel. I hope you like the effect. One way to open our image, is by click and drag our image from our image folder into Gimp, like so. There is a download link for the image, a PDF text file and the example image […]

Gimp: Magical Fantasy XI

In this Gimp Workshop we are going to create magical fantasy image number XI. When we have opened Gimp, we go to file and click on open as layers. Now we select all 4 images by holding the shift key. Click open. There is a download link for the images, the PDF text file and […]

Gimp: How To Isolate a Car From Its Background

In this Gimp Workshop tutorial we are going to isolate a vintage car from its background. And we will see some tips and tricks to make the car look better. Right click on the image in your image folder and go to open with. Here we can click on Gimp. If you want to follow […]

Gimp: How to Select or Cut Out Hair

In this tutorial we will see a method to select or cut out hair. To be able to apply this technique successfully, we need to have an image with a proper contrast between the hair and the background. Otherwise it will not work. The higher the contrast, the better the result. We will work on […]

Gimp: Combine Two Images With The Blend or Gradient Tool.

Combining two images with the blend tool We will start with making a new canvas. This is the background on which we will work. Go to file en click new. Type in the width of 1920 en hit tab. Type in for the height 1080 en click okay or hit enter. Go to file en […]

Gimp: Watercolor Painting With Self Made Brush.

In this Gimp Workshop we are going go create our own brush, and we will make a beautiful watercolor painting. If you want to follow along, the download links for the images are in the description. We will start by making our watercolor brush. Open your image folder. Right click on the texture image, click […]

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