GCP and the Future of Software Testing (Cloud Next ’18)

G Suite Developer Hub, Introducing AdaNet: Fast & Flexible AutoML, & more!

Does G Suite Protect from Viruses? Do I need Antivirus in 2019? | Google Cloud Security

– What’s up, guys? Pete Moriarty, here. And in this video, covering: Do I still need an antivirus in 2018? Great question from Ron. Thanks very much for answering. Thanks very much for asking, sorry. And let’s talk about antivirus. It’s 2018, and viruses have kinda taken a back seat to a couple of other […]

Introduction to Kaggle Kernels (AI Adventures)

YUFENG GUO: On this episode of AI Adventures, find out what Kaggle Kernels are and how to get started using them. Though there’s no popcorn in this episode, I can assure you that Kaggle Kernels are popping. Kaggle is a platform for doing and sharing data science. You may have heard about some of their […]

Securing the Software Supply Chain (Cloud Next ’18)

[MUSIC PLAYING] JIANING GUO: Hello, everybody. Welcome to our session. I’m [? Sandra ?] from Google Security, and this is Jonathan, a security architect from Shopify. Together, we’ll be telling you guys about the new container security products that we just announced today, binary authorization, and how you can use it to secure your software […]

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