Working as a Application Engineer at Google

(dramatic music) – They always say that “At Google, “you’re working with a lot of the best and the brightest.” I think that is true. My name is, Kourtni Marshall. I’m the application engineer at Corp Eng in Google. ♪ Ah ah ah ah ♪ – Corp Eng is basically the IT of Google. And […]

Google interns’ first week

MATT MALONE: The first time I saw the campus, it was incredible. There’s volleyball nets and colorful umbrellas. And you see people walking their dogs. It feels kind of like a playground, a big playground. KIM DAY: The atmosphere around Google, it’s definitely very eccentric, but also very academic. MALE SPEAKER 1: At Google, we […]

Create Your Resume for Google: Tips and Advice

JEREMY ONG: Hi. I’m Jeremy, and I’m a technical recruiter at Google. LIZI LOPEZ: And I’m Lizi, a business recruiter. We’re going to walk you through our tips and advice to help you prepare a strong resume that stands out for any job or internship at Google. JEREMY ONG: We’ll also share tailored resume recommendations […]

Meet Application Engineers at Google

I’m Jeff and I’m an application engineer. An application engineer is a Google engineer who works on integrating business systems, translating the requirements into code ,moving the code into a complete application, and delivering it to the client. So we make things run at Google. Our customers are other Googlers and they have high standards […]

Meet Security Engineers at Google

My name is Fatima and I’m a security engineer. My name is Gary Brown and I’m a security engineer specializing in forensics. Security is important because it protects our intellectual property and it protects our customers and our users. At many companies that I have interacted with, a security engineer is expected to know all […]

Behavioral Interviews for Software Engineers

What’s up everyone. Sam here from and today I want to talk to you about behavioral interviews. So we spend a lot of time on this channel talking about technical interviewing right. We spend a lot of time going through different coding interview questions and strategies to come up with the right solutions to […]

Meet Software Engineers Who Build Google’s Tools and Infrastructure

My name is Karin Lundberg. My name is Tim Leahy and I’m a software engineer in tools and infrastructure, also called SETI for short. A SETI is a software engineer first and foremost. We develop code. The difference between a SETI and a traditional software engineer is that our customers are actually other engineers, so […]

Working at Google as a Cloud Software Engineer

My name is Kelly Harrington. I’m a software engineer within Google’s Security and Privacy. I work on a team called Safe Browsing, and we run on a large fleet of virtual machines that we use to scan the internet and determine if a given site is hosting dangerous content or not. You know, when you […]

Working At Startups Vs. Big Companies As A Software Developer

Today in this video we’re going to be talking about working at startups versus working at a big company as a software developer. Which should you choose, which makes more sense? Why would you choose one or the other? What are some of the differences? If you’re just starting out in your career and you […]

What’s it like to be a Software Engineer? — Ask a Googler

Hi, I’m Adrienne Porter Felt and I’m a software engineer and manager on the Google Chrome team. I think of myself kind of like a fairy godmother. I go around the Chrome team spreading the joy of two things: the first is usable security and the second is data-driven product development. Over the last five […]

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