Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds on git

MALE SPEAKER: Thank you for coming, everybody. Some of you have probably already heard of Linus Torvalds. Those of you who haven’t, you’re the people with Macintoshes on your laps. He’s a guy who delights in being cruel to people. His latest cruel act is to create a revision control system which is expressly designed […]

How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups in Google Chrome Browser

Hello welcome to my video on how to enable or disable pop-ups within Google Chrome. Let’s get started. Open up your Google Chrome browser, click on the three black bars at the top right hand corner of the screen, go down to Settings, roll to the bottom of the screen click on show advanced settings. […]

I tried Amazon’s controversial facial recognition software

What you’re seeing right now is what my face probably looks like to a facial recognition software. It detects common features in a face, keeps track of them and creates a unique profile. You probably know this technology already, it’s used on social media a lot to identify people in photos. But facial recognition is […]

Hello World – Machine Learning Recipes #1

Not Everyone Should Code

79,840 dollars: The average salary of a computer programmer in America. Average meaning many can afford a big fancy house or rent a closet in San Francisco. Even the lowest paid ten percent make more than the average American. Programming is so well paid because it’s so in demand and so in demand because it’s […]

Working at Google Zurich – Sascha: Software Engineer

>>NEWBERG: I wouldn’t really say there is a really big process for fostering innovation. It’s more like a bit the “Hacker Culture”; you see something you think should be fixed, you do it. And what we don’t have, fortunately, so far, is like big committees that make evaluations about prospective projects and then it goes […]

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