Updating the Firmware | HP Latex 300 Printer | HP

The various printer functions are controlled by software known as firmware. From time to time, HP firmware updates become available. These updates increase the printer’s functionality and enhance its features. This video shows you how to update the firmware in the HP Latex 300 series printers. There are different processes to upgrade printer firmware. If […]

LightScribe: HP’s Clever Twist on the CD Burner

Do you remember this little marketing slogan? No? Well, I can’t say I’m entirely surprised. But I’m also a little sad. That was one of the taglines of LightScribe, a direct-disc labeling technology developed by Hewlett Packard and first released commercially in 2004. What is it? Well, it’s a really clever twist on an already […]

How To Perform an HP System Recovery in Windows 10 | HP Computers | HP

To perform an HP system recovery in Windows 10, first power off your computer. Disconnect all peripheral devices and cables that are attached to your computer, except the keyboard, mouse, power cord, and monitor, if applicable. If necessary, power on your computer and remove any discs in any media drives. Then power off your computer. […]

Cómo ordenar o descargar software de recuperación del sistema | HP Computers | HP

this video shows how to create or order recovery media for your HP computer while you cannot download system recovery software you can create your own recovery media using the system recovery software already on your computer and in some cases you may also be able to order recovery media to create recovery media open […]

How To Restore Windows When Windows Cannot Start Normally | HP Computers | HP

Restore your computer when Windows cannot start normally using System Restore. Shut down the computer. If it will not shut down, press and hold the Power button until the computer shuts off. After a few seconds, turn the computer back on, and then press the F11 key repeatedly to open the Advanced Startup Options menu. […]

Actualización automática de Software y controladores HP en Windows 8 | HP Computers | HP

to ensure you always have the latest software and drivers you can schedule autumn software and Driver updates using HP support assistant a software application that comes pre-installed with HP computers start by typing HP support assistant on the Start screen select HP support assistant from the results list when HP support assistant opens click […]

Using a USB Drive to Update the Firmware on HP LaserJet Enterprise Printers | HP Printers | HP

The following video provides instructions on how to update the firmware on an HP LaserJet Enterprise printer or MFP, using a USB flash drive. If you are not sure if a firmware update is right for your LaserJet printer, check with your system administrator. These instructions work for a number of printers and the steps […]

How to Disable Programs Running in the Background in Windows | HP Computers | HP

This video shows how to disable programs that run in the background in Windows. These background programs can prevent HP software from loading or installing correctly. Type msconfig.exe in the search bar, then select System Configuration from the results list. Windows might ask you to confirm if you want to open the program or allow […]

Updating HP Drivers and Software with Windows Update in Windows 8 and 7 | HP Computers | HP

HP recommends running Windows Update to get the latest drivers, security updates, and enhancements for Windows and your HP products. Click the Windows button and type Windows Update. Select Windows Update from the results. From the left column, click Check for updates to begin identifying any available updates. This process can take a few minutes. […]

Updating the Firmware on HP Enterprise Printers | HP Printers | HP

Update the firmware of your FutureSmart 4 HP Enterprise printer from the EWS, or Embedded Web Server or from the control panel using a USB flash drive. Before you update your printer firmware, print a configuration page to view the firmware version currently installed on the printer. On your computer, open the drivers page for […]

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