10 Things To Do After Installing Kali Linux On Your System

What’s up An0ns, it’s An0n Ali here, whether you’re installing Kali Linux on a virtual machine or dual booting it with Windows, these are the top ten things you should do after setting it up to make sure that it’s secure and uses the best tools available the first important thing to do, is to […]

How do SIM Cards work? – SIMtrace

Have you ever looked at the chip of a credit card and a mobile phone sim card and thought, wait… they look quite similar? And would you like to know what makes these two old phones, a nokia and motorola, so special, even in 2018? In this series I want to talk about mobile networks […]

Hooking on Linux with LD_PRELOAD – Pwn Adventure 3

Okay, I have been dragging this on for a while now, but we will finally do our first hack. I know you have been waiting for this, but it’s important for me to show each step along the way, because you can’t jump straight to hacking stuff. A huge hidden chunk of hacking is about […]

Implementing Autoloot with the Proxy – Pwn Adventure 3

In most of the other videos where we did technical stuff, I have been recording and playing on a ThinkPad with Linux that doesn’t have the best graphics card. So you had to endure this low FPS footage. After editing last video I realized… wait… I just developed a TCP network proxy, which means I […]

Rediscovering the f00dbabe Firmware Update Issue – Hardware Wallet Research #7

Today we will reach a milestone in this series. We will figure out how to send a malicious update, that is not signed by ledger, to the device. And it will persist and run. As you probably remember, early in the boot sequence of the ledger, the ledger checks this address 0x8003000 for the magic […]

Python code audit of a firmware update – 34C3 CTF software_update (crypto) part 1/2

Software Update was a crypto challenge from the 34c3 ctf, where you had a signed firmware update and your goal was it to find a flaw in the update process that would allow you to somehow exploit the process. In this first part I would like to go over the source code and tell you […]

Identifying UART and main() in an AVR firmware (ft. Zeta Two) part 1 – rhme2

Anybody remember the riscure embedded hardware CTF a long time ago? Rhme2? I have a whole playlist covering various different challenges. Two of them cover reverse engineering a binary that would be running on the arduino board. Which means their architecture is AVR. And if you are not very familiar with reversing embedded devices or […]

Setup and Find Entry-point in ARM Firmware – Hardware Wallet Research #4

Last time we have used JTAG and the st-utility to dump the firmware from the Ledger Nano S. In this video I want to setup the reversing environment and go over some basics. But before I want to go over a few general things. First… using JTAG is not the only way to get the […]

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