Photogrammetry and Volumetric Capture For Your Virtual Environments | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

Current techniques of communication in video, AR, and VR can fall short in the exchange of information. They often require additional resources to help convey the message. Like in this video, you might be able to see or hear me, but you might not be able to fully understand how excited I am that it’s […]

Game Developer’s Conference Preview! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

GDC 2019 is just a few days away. I’m Stephanie Essin, and in this IDZ Weekly, we spill the beans on Intel’s goals at the conference this year. Roger Chandler, Intel Vice President in the Architecture, Graphics, and Software group, shared his thoughts about what’s in store for Intel this year at the conference in […]

Open Visual Cloud Updates | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. The Open Visual Cloud is a collection of open source projects that support scalable video technology or SVT. There’s been some important updates recently that you won’t want to miss. The Open Visual Cloud is made up of various open source ingredients that are optimized for Intel […]

What Can you do with Wrnch* Motion Capture Technology? | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. wrnch, a software engineering company focused on computer vision is making it possible to teach cameras to read human body movement. This is called motion capture technology. And until now, it’s only been available to people like Hollywood movie producers who could afford the expensive, specialized equipment […]

Accelerate Your Computer Vision Deployments | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

Looking for ways to accelerate your computer vision deployments? Learn about two new kits that can help you do just that. I’m Stephanie Essin and this is IDC weekly. [MUSIC PLAYING] The kits are the new IEI Tank AIOT Development Kit and the Up Squared AI Vision Development Kit. For broad smart vision deployments, the […]

What Guinness World Record Did Intel® Set? | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

Not only has Intel broken boundaries in the tech world, but we’ve also broken barriers in what’s possible in the entertainment industry. I’m Stephanie Essin, and you’ll find out how in this IDZ Weekly. [MUSIC PLAYING] Intel recently broke a Guinness World record. And no, it wasn’t for the highest number of transistors per square […]

Collaborating with GoPro* | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

Since the release of the GoPro Fusion, anyone can create high-action, 360 degree video of their adventures. But how do folks edit all of this wonderful footage? That’s where Intel comes in. I’m Stephanie Essin. In this episode of IDZ Weekly, find out how Intel and GoPro have collaborated to take 360 video to the […]

The Visual Cloud Conference at IBC! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. Intel has partnered with IBC to deliver the first ever Visual Cloud Conference as part of this year’s international broadcasting conference lineup on September 13 in Amsterdam. The Visual Cloud Conference will include talks and panel sessions presented by experts from leading service providers, content creators, system […]

Clean Water AI | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

In this episode, we show you Intel Software Innovator Peter Ma’s AI-powered contaminated water detector. I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. [MUSIC PLAYING] Intel Software Innovator Peter Ma showcases Clean Water AI, which can detect contaminated water. The program uses AI and a microscope with a camera to measure water safety by detecting […]

The Results of the Ultimate Coder IV: VR Challenge | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and welcome to IDZ Weekly. Today we see the results of the fourth Ultimate Coder Challenge and talk about the team that created a revolutionary commercial application. Imagine the ways VR could advanced training techniques in jobs having to do with the agricultural industry. That’s exactly what Team Crop Dusters did. They […]

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