What Can you do with Wrnch* Motion Capture Technology? | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is IDZ Weekly. wrnch, a software engineering company focused on computer vision is making it possible to teach cameras to read human body movement. This is called motion capture technology. And until now, it’s only been available to people like Hollywood movie producers who could afford the expensive, specialized equipment […]

Retail Reference Implementations | IOT Developer Show | Season 3 | Intel Software

Hello. My name is Martin Kronberg. And this is the IOT Developer Show season three. In this episode, we learn about the reference implementations Intel created in the retail space and take a closer look at the Store Traffic Monitor, a retail solution for, you guessed it, monitoring traffic in a store. Retail stores are […]

AI on the PC Development Kit | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw, and this is AI News. Did you know you can build deep learning and inference applications on a P.C.? The AI on P.C. Development Kit from Intel, comes with everything you need to develop deep neural networks and computer vision applications. With hardware and software, source code, and even tutorials, it helps […]

Intel Software Innovator Program | IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

Hello. I’m Martin Kronberg, and this is the IOT developer show. We have a little bit of a different show for you guys today. In this episode, we’re going to talk with Kim Karalekas, a program manager here at Intel. And she’s going to discuss the IOT track of the Intel software innovator program, and […]

Blockchain and the Hyperledger Sawtooth Implementation | IoT Developer Show | Intel Software

Hello, I’m Martin Kronberg and this is the IoT Developer Show. Today we have Daniel Holmlund, a software developer here at Intel, talking with us about blockchain and the Hyperledger software implementation. Daniel, thank you so much for being here. Well, thanks for having me. It’s great to be on the show. So what is […]

Computer Vision: Why Now and What’s Ahead | Intel Software

Hello, and welcome to Tech Decoded. I’m Henry Gabb, editor of The Parallel Universe, Intel’s magazine devoted to software innovation. And today, I’m here with Charlotte Dryden, who leads a team developing software for visual computing, from Edge to Cloud. Charlotte has 20 years of experience in semiconductors in international business. She holds a degree […]

Optimize Games with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers | Intel Software

I’m Seth Schneider, here at GDC 2018, showing off the new release of Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers. [MUSIC PLAYING] Here at GDC, we’re showing some really cool new features in Intel GPA. We’re working on Fortnite and Space Pirate Trainer. So in the Fortnite booth, what we’re showing is our new hotspot enabling mode. You […]

Accelerate Your Computer Vision Deployments | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

Looking for ways to accelerate your computer vision deployments? Learn about two new kits that can help you do just that. I’m Stephanie Essin and this is IDC weekly. [MUSIC PLAYING] The kits are the new IEI Tank AIOT Development Kit and the Up Squared AI Vision Development Kit. For broad smart vision deployments, the […]

How Developers Can Benefit from the DPDK Packet Framework | Intel Software

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