Introduction to school scheduling software – Prime Timetable

Hello, my name is Mija and I will quickly guide you through Prime Timetable a school scheduling software designed for both automatic and manual timetabling on any device. On the website you can read testimonials, browse features, contact support and create a free school account: enter your email and password, click Start my free month […]

The TOP 1 LINUX DISTROS for 2019!!! 🖐😮🖐

In this video, at the request of subscribers I have finally decided to throw in my hat as to what the *best* Linux distro is. I’ve thought about it for quite a while, And I’m going to tell you what I think the best Linux distro is, all things considered.. but also, the *easiest* Linux […]

1.0: Primavera Learning : Introduction To Project Management And Primavera || Software | dptutorials

Hello Friends and welcome to the DP tutorials In this tutorial, let me give a brief Introduction To Project management and Primavera Project management life cycle includes 5 phases initiation planning execution controlling and closing The main purpose of the project management is to achieve all the project goals while taking into account of all […]

Introduction to Active Networks VideoLectures

hello my name is Steve bush I’m from General Electric corporate research our Global Research Center and want to talk about an introduction to active networks and discuss a little bit about not only active networks and introduce the topic but also talk about security and active networks as well as kamagra of complexity and […]

PASCO Capstone Software Introduction

Hi, my name is Andy Spoone. In this video we’re going to take a look at getting started with PASCO Capstone software. I’m also going to be using the 850 Universal Interface, connected to our PASPORT Motion Sensor. Hanging above is a spring with a mass that’s going to be oscillating. To confirm what I […]

Stan tutorial for beginners in ~6 mins: Bayesian Data Analysis Software

Stan is a software for Bayesian computation just like winbugs and jags. Take a look at winbugs or jags videos in my channel if you are interested about those software. Instead of using gibbs sampling, stan uses a method called Hamiltonian monte carlo or HMC. For complex models, HMC may be more effective than gibbs […]

Lecture – 2 Introduction To System : Software

In the previous lecture I helped you get a glimpse, or you may call a birdís eye view, of the overall computer system. In this lecture I will try to narrow it down to again an introduction, but towards what we may call an introduction to software and hardware. We had talked about this earlier […]

Introduction | Blockchain developer | Software engineer

I’m a software engineer working in quantitative development. My professional experience includes an extensive list of programming languages for full-stack development, though, recently I’ve been working in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology. If you’re interested in discussing tech, consulting, new opportunities, or just about getting coffee, send me a message. Thanks.

Basics of Programming #3 – Software & Operating Systems

Hello there! I’m back with another video, yeah, I know, the last video was really long, but, don’t worry, from this point onwards, it’s going to be pretty simple. So, what did we cover last episode? Well, let’s see… We covered these! The RAM is the temporary memory a computer needs while running! The storage […]

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