Best A.I. Image Upscaler? Top 7 Software Compared!

Unmesh Dinda 0:05 Hi there, this is Unmesh from PiXimperfect. And let me ask you a very simple question. What is the smallest unit of a digital image? It’s pixels, right? A 24 megapixel camera creates images that are made up of 24 million pixels. Simple stuff. Now, suppose I give you a picture made […]

What is Google RAISR? Google RAISR Software | Smart Upsampling of Photos

Accept it or not, most of us today are obsessed with pixel peeping. Pinching and zooming to see how sharp your images are or how better is your camera or smartphone than your friends’. But let me tell you what, what if I told you that hey, no matter what the resolution of your camera […]

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