Create a Magic Fireball Video Using the Software On Your Mac

Hi this is Gary with Today let’s have a little fun and I’ll show you how to make a video where you throw a fireball using only the software that comes with your Mac. MacMost is brought to you thanks to a great group of supporters. Go to There you can read more […]

How to update the Sony A7iii – Firmware 3.0

so finally their firmware 3.0 for the Sony a7 3 is here I’m gonna quickly show you how to upload it onto your camera and then I’m going to show you what we’ve got in this new firmware I’ve put a link in the description below that’ll take you to the firmware update page make […]

 Descargar software para Mac totalmente GRATIS | ViHuArHe| 2016 

Welcome to my channel What’s up guys? Today, I’ll show you how to download any kind of paid software for Mac completely FREE The first thing you have to do is open your browser Any browser should work Next, you’ll have to go to the web page that I’ll leave in the description Paste the […]

6 must-have Mac utilities

(slow music) – So in this processor video series we’ve talked a lot about the future of computers but honestly most of the time I just end up going back to my Mac or a Windows PC and I do that because you can really customize the way that the operating system works but here’s […]

Quick Tip: How to Compile a Basic Time-lapse Using Free Software on Windows: Virtual Dub

[Music] virtualdub is a simple free piece of software that makes compiling time lapses on Windows easy with the possibility of creating for and a que time lapses first you will need to download the two files linked in the description below I’m going to download and install the xsplit codecs first clicking next to […]

Best Livestreaming Software on Mac? Ecamm Live Review 2018

Best LIVE STREAM Software for Mac – REVIEW!

How to Record Computer and Face with OBS Mac | Open Broadcaster Software

Would you like to record your computer screen and your face at the same time? In this demonstration, I use OBS on a Mac Only 10 steps. The first thing to do is to add a new scene. Go to the scene box. Below, press “+” icon and on top just say OK. The new […]

Best Screen Recording / Capturing Software for YouTube

Hey guys, this is your helpful and resourceful YouTube expert, Derral Eves. Now over the years, I have literally recorded my computer screen almost everyday for one reason or another. Now I’m a geek, I admit it, it’s true. I’ve tried a lot of different screen recording software on both Windows and Mac. Some are […]

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