Best Video Editing Software for Mac – 2019!

Computer Software

Welcome into the fourth lecture in this series of logic design. here, I want to speak about Computer Software. Software is a generic term for organized collections of computer data and instructions, often broken into two major categories: system software that provides the basic non task-specific functions of the computer, and application software which is […]

Quick Tip: How to Compile a Basic Time-lapse Using Free Software on Mac: Time Lapse Assembler

[Music] time lapse assembler provides a free simple and quick solution for compiling jpeg time lapses on Mac with the possibility of creating 4 and 8k time lapses for time lapse is simpler to recognize that your images are one time lapse the suffix of each picture needs to count up in a numerical order […]

MIRROR\cast phone screen to PC\lap. without software|In one click|PUBG IN BIG SCREEN|EASY WAY HINDI

hello friends in this video i show u best and easiest way to cast your android mobile screen to pclaptop and mac and only 1 thing need that your mobile and pc connect with same network even wifi so mobile with wifi and pc with Ethernet connection and then watch and apply all steps and […]

The Best Free Antivirus Software for Mac 2019-2020 – English

Comodo Antivirus for Mac is an effective security application that has been the most looked for after and is considered to top the list as the best antivirus solution for Mac OS.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac (on every budget!)

How to Clean Your Mac 2019

Hello, everyone. David A. Cox here with Tech Talk America, and today, I’m going to be teaching all of you at home how you can easily clean your Mac. Now for those of you out there who’ve watched my little tutorial videos over the years, in the past when I’ve taught this class, I taught […]

Celebrating your wins – live life confidently

Malwarebytes – FULL TUTORIAL! BEST Anti-Malware for Mac

Hey folks. For those of you Mac owners out there, pay attention. Today we are talking all about malware and how to protect your Mac so that if you ever do encounter it, you can remove it easily. I’ve got a lot of little tips and tricks to go over with you today, so let’s […]

Sony A73 Firmware Update 2.0 2018 (how to update your A73) 4K

today’s a little bit of a different one I’m gonna show you how to update your firmware on the a 73 Sony have made quite a few differences with this update from quicker startup times to better auto focusing with the Sigma MC 11 adapter I’m updating to version 2.0 but if you’re uploading to […]

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