How to start machine learning as a software engineer in 5 steps!

Hi everyone today we are going to be talking about how to move from software engineering to machine learning in the past three months I have been reading up a lot about machine learning. Some of the findings have surprised me So I’ll try to break this down into let’s say five important tips The […]

10.2: Neural Networks: Perceptron Part 1 – The Nature of Code

Hello welcome to Coding Challenge in this Coding Challenge I’m going to attempt to make a Perceptron this is part of a whole bunch of videos that I’m doing about neural-network-based learning and, but in this video I’m not kind of getting into too much about the whole broader landscape of everything history-wise and future […]

Hello World – Machine Learning Recipes #1

Flutter 1.12, Dart 2.7, Android 10, & much more!

Meet Mahesh Rao – Nashville Software School Graduate

Before NSS, I was a biological researcher and now I’m a data scientist. Before NSS I was doing research, completely no programming or anything data science wise. I was studying zebrafish and how they’re able to regenerate their retinas. And then I did, I pretty much continued that the entire time I was doing research. […]

GCP and the Future of Software Testing (Cloud Next ’18)

A Day In The Life Of A Data Scientist

Oh my god Wait Do Part Oh, yeah Oh Like I child my Okay See Okay, all right, I hope you enjoyed this video so I mean, let’s take a break once I’m gonna drink oh It’s a coca-cola. Yeah. Sure. Do you want a glass? Let’s go get a glass. All right one This […]

Seeing AI 2016 Prototype – A Microsoft research project

[Liquid pouring] [Sipping beverage] [Clasp snapping] [Bag rustling] [Doornob turning] [Traffic on a city street] {Piano music begins} I’m Saqib Shaikh. I lost my sight when I was seven, and shortly after that I went to a school for the blind. And thats where I was introduced to talking computers, and that really opened up […]

Developer Student Clubs Leaders Summit – Goa 2018

[MUSIC PLAYING] DEEPAK SRIDHAR: Developer Student Clubs program was launched in the middle of 2017 to ensure that students are able to learn how to explore the power of mobile in so many different ways. Welcome to the first-ever DSC summit from across the globe. We on-boarded 176 leads and then expanded to 119 student […]

Use QuickFynd for Quicker and More Organized Data Search! | AI News | Intel Software

I’m David Shaw. And this is AI News. Data has become one of the most valuable assets of our time. And organizing the mountains of data is a huge and complex task. We can try to manage it ourselves. But what if you mislabel a file or can’t recall the exact file name to search […]

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