LGR – Lode Runner Online: Mad Monks’ Revenge – PC Game Review

[Eastern music] [typing] In 1983, Doug Smith’s Lode Runner was released by Brøderbund Software for the Apple II. In Lode Runner, you played a stick figure running away from other stick figures, navigating the platforms, shooting holes into the ground and trying to collect gold without getting caught. It also is one of the first […]

Como instalar LibreOffice en tu Equipo Windows MacOS Linux

Hello again INFONAUTA, welcome or Welcome to a new installment of your Channel YouTube INFODUCTIVE … this time we will see how to install in our team an office suite very interesting and totally free I’m talking about libreOffice interesting, right? … We begin! well, first of all what we will have to do will […]

Why Apple Products Use 30 Year Old Software

Narrator: In 1985, Steve Jobs walked out of the doors of Apple and used $12 million of his own money to start a new computer company. Hi, I’m Steve Jobs, and I make computers. Narrator: NeXT would ultimately be viewed as a failure. But that failure actually saved Apple. Apple went public in 1980 and […]

Best Video Editing Software For YouTube

Hey everyone, this is your amusing and charming YouTube expert, Derral Eves. Now you’re looking to edit some YouTube videos, you’re trying to figure out what to buy. Or maybe, just maybe you’re looking to upgrade your video editing software to give power and more features. Well I get asked all the time by my […]

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