– [Host] Cyberattacks. We’re always under attack, right? As I look at the Downdetector map, and I see that a lot of you who have Cox for your Internet, are still finding the blue screen of death, or whatever, on your computer, in a lot of this island. Anyway, is it a cyberattack? Who knows? […]

Virenschutzprogramm für Windows 10 (Vergleich) Das beste Virenschutztool!

Short film: Rats and Slaves | Buying Hacked Computers | Subtitled

A little while ago I was browsing the internet when I ended up on a hack forum. I scrolled through the topics out of curiosity. Occasionally I saw words likeRATs, Andslaves. What areRATs? And what doesslavesmean? I opened one. These are slaves. Slaves are hacked computers, Or rather, the users of these computers. The computers […]

Disable Windows 10 Defender – Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus

Hello, tutorial shows you, how to disable Windows 10 defender turn off Windows Defender antivirus Disable or enable Windows 10 defender easily using reg file Steps in the video: First, how to create “reg” file to disable Windows Defender Second, how to create “reg” file to enable Windows Defender Step one, how to create “reg” […]

Avira Password Manager: Makes your digital life easier

We are surrounded by passwords. Everything is an account. Register, log in, log out, password too long, too short, not secure enough. So frustrating! Most of us give up and take shortcuts: We start using the same password for everything. We make them shorter. We write them down on paper. Still, we end up forgetting […]

Antivirus with Todd A. White

>>Todd: I’m Todd White from ProServ Software and Support, and today we’re gonna take a moment to Talk Tech. This episode is “antivirus”. [music introduction] Okay, I’m always asked about being protected online. The producer of this show thought it’d be a good idea to bring up antivirus, and what would happen if she had […]

Faut-il acheter un parefeu ? une suite internet sécurity ? un antivirus ?

How to Protect Your Computer From Viruses and Hackers

These days you can never be too careful when it comes to computer security, and it seems like there are more threats than ever. Anything from phishing sites stealing your password, to ransomware that encrypts your data unless you pay up. But most of these risks can be minimized if you do the basic things […]

Comment installer Norton via Proximus

Hi, my name is Gaby and I work at Proximus. Would you like to protect your device, and those of your family or company? Our Norton Security solution is an excellent choice. After ordering it on our website, you need to install it on your devices. I’ll explain how. You will need a MyProximus account. […]

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