Software Engineering and Management, Master’s Programme – Combining technology and people

I think software and software development is a growing field within Sweden and world-wide. Something unique about my programme is that it’s located at the Computer Science and Engineering department, which is a shared department between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. Having teachers from both universities gives us a quite good foundation in the […]

Improve the world with software

The major revolutions in our society are directly connected to software. Artificial intelligence and digitalization are software. Society needs this competence. We need more software engineers driving these revolutions. Our students usually ask themselves: “What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?” Computer science focus a little bit more on the theoretical and […]

Odoo erp Development |Hire odoo developer – CONFIANZ

Meet TOM. Tom is an entrepreneur but he’s struggling to manage his business although tom is using software solutions for core functions like accounting sales and marketing this systems are disconnected and its customer base is suffering from the lack of efficiency tom knows that he needs an enterprise resource planning system but the hectic […]

DiabloSport Sprint Active Fuel Management Module Computer Software Tuner

What’s up, guys? I’m Danny DeVries with DiabloSport and today I’m going to show you how to install the DiabloSport Sprint. Let’s check this thing out. If you drive an ’05 and newer GM or Chevrolet gas vehicle, the DiabloSport Sprint actually deactivates the active fuel management system and allows you to run on all […]

School Management Software In C#

School Management System C#.Net School Management System C#.Net School Management System C#.Net

Our Shop Management Method and Software We Could Use

in this video we’ll talk about how we manage our shop with our system and what we could use in a shop management software coming up welcome back guys Matt with Mikey Designs here just kind of wanted to talk about how we go about managing our shop with what is a very manual system […]

Best Mobile Shop management Software with Repair,Billing,Inventory and more in just 99 Rupees only

New version download link below New version has automatic Billing,Inventory and sales Click on link below to watch new version video Every 10th customer will get free software

Atlassian Software Development Workflow

Elena is a member of teams in space marketing team while surfing the web she notices a bug in the teams in space website and quickly creates a JIRA issue to have it resolved Kevin is a developer on the teams in space project while browsing the backlog in JIRA agile looking for his next […]

Introduction to SDM Software

Introduction to SDM Software sdmsoftware The Group Policy Experts WWW.SDMSOFTWARE.COM Hi. This is Darren Mar-Elia CTO and Founder of SDM Software and I want to thank you for visiting our site. As a Microsoft MVP, author of 12 books on windows and industry expert on group policy and active directory, I founded SDM Software […]

Lantech Industrial 3/5/6/7 Managed Switches – Software Advantages

to offer the most reliable networking solution for multicast and video surveillance applications Lantech industrial managed switches deliver top-notch software features including exclusive IGMP seamless recovery design common IGMP protocol need to wait until the snooping table timeout while Lantech G.8032 ring is able to recover seamlessly Lantech switch is able to transmit video packets […]

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