EZ3D Technologies | Drone Software for Roof Measurement and Inspection

I’m Joe with construction 911 from Pasadena, California. We’ve been in business for 19 years. I’ve been involved in the insurance restoration business for over 25 years. Life before EZ3D was get a phone call, grab a ladder get in the car, and then drive to my location. So now instead of grabbing all that […]

Antenna Analyzer – How to update the firmware

I’m sorry for no voice on this video, I will add captions to important sections. You must move the jumper to the second position to update the firmware. Please connect USB to computer. This part is connected to ST-Link. Execute the STM32 ST-Link Utility Open the firmware to upload. Firmware download locations, etc. are described […]

EU1KY Antenna Analyzer Firmware CEC Version 0.2 (1 / 2)

EU1KY Antenna Analyzer Firmware CEC Version 0.2 is a brief review. Part 2 will be post tomorrow. The name of the VNA function has been changed. (Tracking scope ->S21 Gain) Added automatic repeat measurement function. I will operate the attenuator. Strange stripes on the screen are interference phenomena caused by video shooting. Added LC meter […]

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