How to quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>See how you could quickly connect to a Linux VM with SSH In this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks. If you have Linux VMs that are running inside of Microsoft Azure, let me show you how you could quickly establish an SSH connection. I would select this Ubuntu Linux VM that I have running. […]

Get started with Azure for .NET developers | Azure Friday

>>Hey friends. I’m here with Barry Luijbregts, AzureBarry on Twitter. You should follow him, Barry is one of our first people to come in Azure Friday and he works at Microsoft, and this is important because I want you to keep it real. I want you to talk to me about Azure for.NET Developers, […]

October 2017 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is the Intel Developer Zone update. In this episode, we’ll be discussing how you can build a cloud-connected sensor application, learning how Intel is working to reduce automotive collisions, and talking about the upcoming Intel HPC Developer Conference. We also have some special announcements about the show, so keep watching. […]

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