How to use AD FS activity report to migrate an application | Azure Active Directory

[MUSIC] Luis Leon Plata: Welcome back. In this video, I’m going to demo how to use the application activity report to migrate your applications from AD FS to Azure AD. Here I am in my AD FS server, where you can see the applications that I have configured with AD FS. Now, the goal is […]

Virenschutzprogramm für Windows 10 (Vergleich) Das beste Virenschutztool!

Are MCSD Certifications A Good Option? (Programmer Career Move?)

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I got a question here specifically about the MCSD qualification, whether it’s beneficial. This question comes from Joy and she says, “Is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) qualification beneficial in the long run? If so, do I need all of them to make it to the top?” […]

How can developers learn more about how to use the DevTools | One Dev Question

[MUSIC]. How can developers learn more about the DevTools? So the DevTools are incredibly powerful, but we’ve also heard from your feedback that they can be pretty complicated and overwhelming to use. So we published documentation at this link to teach you how to use the DevTools. With help from Google, who’ve open-sourced their documentation […]

Computer Software Tips : How to Make a Certificate Using Microsoft Word

Hi. My name is Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to make a certificate using Microsoft Word. To begin let’s open Word by clicking on the start button at the bottom, going to all programs, Microsoft Office and let’s just choose Word. To create our certificate click on the Office button at […]

GCP and the Future of Software Testing (Cloud Next ’18)

6 must-have Mac utilities

(slow music) – So in this processor video series we’ve talked a lot about the future of computers but honestly most of the time I just end up going back to my Mac or a Windows PC and I do that because you can really customize the way that the operating system works but here’s […]

Deep analysis feature in Microsoft Defender ATP

In this video, I’ll demonstrate deep analysis in Microsoft Defender ATP. It provides investigative insights into files that you suspect are malicious. In the Security operations dashboard, I see a number of medium severity alerts. For example, this alert describes an Office process creating and running a program file, making an obvious part of my […]

API integration in Microsoft Defender ATP

You can use Microsoft Defender ATP APIs to automate workflows and integrate apps. This video demonstrates how to use them. Apps authenticate with Microsoft Defender ATP by using OAuth 2.0, and after authentication Microsoft Defender ATP returns an access token that the app uses to access the API. Apps use REST to invoke the API, […]

The amazing PowerApps developer for Autoglass

Belron are the world leaders in repair and replacement of automotive glass, operating out of 37 countries worldwide employing around about thirty thousand. Here in the UK, you know us as Autoglass. We employ around 2,500 people. The biggest market we have is the US and in the US, you’ll know us as Safelite. So […]

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