Microsoft security practices | Azure Security Basics

(cheerful music) One critical aspect of the shared responsibility model, is what’s your responsibility, what’s our responsibility, and Microsoft, how does Microsoft secure Microsoft? It’s part of using any type of service or system offered by a third party. You need to know what that party’s doing. What’s Microsoft doing to protect Microsoft? And what […]

Seeing AI 2016 Prototype – A Microsoft research project

[Liquid pouring] [Sipping beverage] [Clasp snapping] [Bag rustling] [Doornob turning] [Traffic on a city street] {Piano music begins} I’m Saqib Shaikh. I lost my sight when I was seven, and shortly after that I went to a school for the blind. And thats where I was introduced to talking computers, and that really opened up […]

How (and When) To: Memory Optimized TempDB Metadata | Data Exposed

[MUSIC].>>Hi my name is Pam, and I’m a Program Manager with the SQL Server Engineering team. Today I’d like to do a quick demo for you on one of the new features of SQL Server. 2019 Memory Optimized TempDB metadata. I’ve already done an overview video on this feature where I talk a little bit […]

The top three resources for developers to watch at Microsoft Ignite 2019​ | Azure Tips and Tricks

Hi, are you not going to Ignite? Are you going to be sitting on the couch, kind of like I am right now Well, don’t worry about it because in this edition of Azure Tips and Tricks, I’m going to go over my top three resources that you can do while at home. So Tip […]

How I Increase Salary Quickly | Self-taught Developer, Easy Tips

hi everyone this is Lee welcome to my channel if you want to see videos about game development or programming consider subscribing to my channel and turn on the bell then you won’t miss anything in this video I will share with you how I triple my salary in two years including what steps and […]

Samsung One UI: What about the software?

This week, Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus and also the S10e and probably a 5G phone, and they’re probably going to show off a foldable phone, too, and maybe some smartwatches. Yeah, it’s a lot. And I’m sure they’re all going to have beautiful hardware and be fast […]

Next-gen security with Windows Defender Antivirus

Next-gen antimalware from Microsoft Antivirus technologies should evolve faster than the threats they are supposed to stop. However, traditional approaches to AV can’t keep up with the pace of new and modern attacks. Traditional AV relies on pattern-matching systems that use signatures from known threats. Human experts create these signatures, having mastered the ability to […]

[Vinesauce] Joel – PC Optimizer Pro Scammer Prank Call ( Windows 8 Destruction )

Scammer: Thank you for calling PC Optimizer Pro, how can I help you? Kermit Joel: Hello? Kermit Joel: HELLO? Kermit Joel: Can– can you hear me? Scammer: Yes I can. Kermit Joel: Alright– alright. Kermit Joel: So my son’s been– been downloading these viruses on my computer, Kermit Joel: And I can’t get ’em off! […]

Software libre vs Código abierto | GioCode

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