The Rise Of Open-Source Software

Much of the software that powers the world’s largest companies, protects our personal data, or encrypts national security information is open to the public. Anyone can download the source code behind Facebook’s user interface, Google’s Android operating system or even Goldman Sachs’ data modeling program, and use it as a building block for a totally […]

Earning $400 vs Losing $250 in a Day

People have a hard time talking about money because Money is the root of all of our problems My relationship with the money is I don’t like understand money … (laughs) Where did my other sock go? My name is Quinn, I’m 22 years old and I live in San Francisco I’m a software engineering […]

How to Become a Python Freelancer 2019 – Ultimate Guide

– Hey you, how’s it going? This is Qazi from and this video, this is gonna basically be the ultimate guide on how to become a successful Python free lancer in 2019. I sat and I thought a lot about what were the exact steps that I took to be able to get there […]

How I Learned to Code in Less Than 2 Months

Hardware, Software, Trustware

The title of this talk is “Hardware, Software, Trustware.” How many of you have been paying attention to [all this news] about a fork? Has anybody heard of a fork? There is a culture gap being expressed in this fork. When most people look at this, they see the obvious culture gap. Most of the […]

Software Engineer Salary – Cost of Living vs. Retirement Savings

What’s up everyone. Sam here from And today I want to talk about why cost of living is a more complicated subject than you might think. Alright so you’ve probably heard about cost of living before, especially if you’re considering different job offers that are in different cities. And you know this is something […]

how to download youtube videos without any software in an easiest way

hi everyone welcome to vrr tutorials once again in this session we are going to disuss about how to download videos from youtube without having any software and any third party tool its very easiest way that every one can do go to youtube and search vrr tutorials its my channel i will download some […]

Passive Income As A Developer: HOW? ($2000/Month Or More!)

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from I’m going to answer a question today about how can I make passive income as a programmer, as a software developer? What’s my favorite kind of income? Passive income. Passive income is my favorite kind of income. There’s no income better than passive income. Robert asked this […]

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | Python Freelancer

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