How to upgrade the firmware on your router

Hey everyone today I will be showing you how to upgrade the firmware on your router using router using D-Links new configuration interface. Now the first thing you want to do before we upgrade the firmware is ensure that we’re doing this over a wired connection It is always suggested to any firmware upgrade over […]

CAREERS IN IT– Information Technology,MNC ,Software,Jobs,Institutions,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in IT The job role IT creates a buzz and is the hot job which is in demand these days. With the assistance of information technology all tasks related to business […]

Edge Computing and Akraino | Intel Software

Hi. I’m Sujata. In this video, I give an overview of industry initiatives to develop a common set of software stacks for the edge. I also cover how open source initiatives, like Akraino contribute to this goal. Edge is all about squeezing the best performance for your app from the network by placing the resources […]

Why you should Network as a Software Engineer

In this section, we’re going to talk about networking In previous sections, we’ve talked about the importance of forming constructive relationships with your teammates and how they can help you to achieve your career goals One way to really broaden your horizons and explore outside your area is to network. Networking with people outside of […]

Introduction to SDM Software

Introduction to SDM Software sdmsoftware The Group Policy Experts WWW.SDMSOFTWARE.COM Hi. This is Darren Mar-Elia CTO and Founder of SDM Software and I want to thank you for visiting our site. As a Microsoft MVP, author of 12 books on windows and industry expert on group policy and active directory, I founded SDM Software […]

Software Defined Networking – Georgia Tech – Software Defined Networking

Let’s start with a brief overview of Software Defined Networking, or SDN. We’ll first start by defining SDN, and in particular we’ll talk about what is a Software Defined Network, then well talk about what are the advantages of SDN over a conventional network architecture. We’ll overview the history of SDN, the infrastructure that supports […]

Software Engineer Burnout

Burnout. It’s the physical and mental exhaustion from overwork or overexposure which can exacerbate feelings of cynicism and low confidence and it’s really common in software engineering Now I want to underline that I am NOT a medical professional. So please don’t take this lesson as medical advice My intention is to talk about what […]

How Developers Can Benefit from the DPDK Packet Framework | Intel Software

Introduction | Blockchain developer | Software engineer

I’m a software engineer working in quantitative development. My professional experience includes an extensive list of programming languages for full-stack development, though, recently I’ve been working in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology. If you’re interested in discussing tech, consulting, new opportunities, or just about getting coffee, send me a message. Thanks.

How to work with your Feelings and Emotions as a Software Engineer

As you navigate through your career as a software engineer You’re going to experience lots of ups and downs And as human beings, you’re going to have emotional reactions to those ups and downs Like when you get feedback on your code or when a user reacts to your work Now it’s true that as […]

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