Powering Software Licensing and Compliance Management Success

This is Success Corp. They develop business intelligence applications for customers around the world. This is Bob. He’s the Director of Product Management for Success Corp. Bob’s job is to maximize software revenue while minimizing piracy. In other words make sure those people who actually paid for the software are the ones using it. Software […]

The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

So I’m happy to report we have succeeded in rerouting our flagships. Way ahead of schedule, yet again. This has allowed us to improve our USPs by 90%. That’s 9 out of every 10! Excellent, thank you Samuel. Timothy, what’s the status with the Linear Solutions? Could you give us the latest on the Square […]

Deep analysis feature in Microsoft Defender ATP

In this video, I’ll demonstrate deep analysis in Microsoft Defender ATP. It provides investigative insights into files that you suspect are malicious. In the Security operations dashboard, I see a number of medium severity alerts. For example, this alert describes an Office process creating and running a program file, making an obvious part of my […]

API integration in Microsoft Defender ATP

You can use Microsoft Defender ATP APIs to automate workflows and integrate apps. This video demonstrates how to use them. Apps authenticate with Microsoft Defender ATP by using OAuth 2.0, and after authentication Microsoft Defender ATP returns an access token that the app uses to access the API. Apps use REST to invoke the API, […]

Microsoft To-Do 2019 | Full Tour

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video today We aren’t done anything into Microsoft to do we’re going to be exploring the iOS application talking a little bit about the web version Android version and Windows version to go into a bit more detail from the last video I did about Microsoft to do […]

Computer Software: How to install Office 2003 Free Serial

How to download & setup Office 2003

10 programas GRATUITOS e INDISPENSABLES para Windows

10 programas gratuitos esenciales para windows soy Pedro Terrero y esto es Creatubers. pues aquí estamos de nuevo en nuestra habitación querida de Creatubers después de un viaje por tierras norteñas por cierto, era Islandia, no sé si te habías dado cuanta. Bien en este vídeo te voy a traer 10 aplicaciones 10 gratuitas esenciales […]

Day in the Life: Software Developer

What surprised me most about working for Reynolds and Reynolds is just how much fun I’m having here. It makes me feel really good that we are developing the code because we then gain the expertise. We know the code inside and out. We’re not relying upon somebody else halfway around the world to implement […]

Jennifer Hay Knows How to Write Software Developer Resumes

John: Hey everyone, welcome back. It’s John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com and today I have Jennifer Hay with me and we are going to be talking about a topic that I know a lot of you developers have been asking me about. It’s a topic I’ve written about a lot and it’s resumes. You really want […]

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