6 must-have Mac utilities

(slow music) – So in this processor video series we’ve talked a lot about the future of computers but honestly most of the time I just end up going back to my Mac or a Windows PC and I do that because you can really customize the way that the operating system works but here’s […]

Barcode Verifier Software for Mac OSX and Windows PC – Peninsula, Generating Professional Barcodes

Made for Mac… and Windows Peninsula barcode now comes with a… …built in software barcode verifier. Open the code you want to verify… …to see a full specification readout. Save the file, if you need to, and open it or import it into… …whatever application you need, future reference. It’s as simple as that. Peninsula […]

Finally, A Great Free Antivirus! – Sophos Home

What’s going on guys, I’m John from TechTested. In this video, I’m going to be talking about a piece of free antivirus software that’s been developed to harness the power of the cloud. The software itself is called Sophos Home and, you can protect up to ten computers per account, without spending a single penny. […]

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