How To Setup Midi Settings Inside Of BEYOND Software

Beyond has the ability to communicate using Midi, this could be just midi notes to trigger events cues or scripts or to connect midi type controllers like the Akai APC40 MK2 to control many things inside of beyond and operate a live show in a continent way. Before we set things up inside beyond be […]

Laser Show Software – How to control multiple laser projectors using Pangolin

Hi everyone and welcome into the Pangolin studio. My Name is Justin Perry and today I’m going to be providing you with a brief tutorial video which helps to address one of the most common questions we get from our clients especially newcomers to the laser industry. And the question is: How do you control […]

BEYOND Laser Show Tutorial – Timeline Foundations

When you open up the BEYOND timeline, you’ll see a few different things. In the top bar you have a save function, undo function, start, previous, play, next and from to, preview video and audio scroll. These are your main buttons you’ll be using very frequently. Your safe, pretty explanatory, undo or you can undo […]

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