How To Load A Global File – Holley EFI Software

You’ve just finished your hardware and wiring installation and your getting a little bit closer to starting up that engine for the first time, but before you do that you need to load a global file to your ECU. The example I’m going to use today is just going to be a basic street and […]

Holley EFI Software – How To Use The Help / Instruction Files

Today we are going to discuss using the help files and instructions incorporated in the Holley EFI software. They can be accessed by clicking on help and contents, at this point you can review the instructions that are designed for both the beginner or the experienced tuner. You want to make sure that you familiarize […]

The Path to Streamlined Cross-Architecture Development | oneAPI | Intel Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, and welcome to Tech Decoded. I’m Henry Gabb, editor of The Parallel Universe. Today I’m here with Bill Savage, vice president and general manager of Compute Performance and Developer Products. Welcome, Bill. Hello, Henry. So Bill, Intel recently announced the oneAPI initiative. Can you tell us what oneAPI is and the vision […]

How to Manage Data Plane and Control Plane Synchronization | Intel Software

Hi, I’m MJay from Intel. In this video, you will learn how avoid field outages and issues that can arise from your conflict of resource usage between SDN and NFV. How can you do this? The answer is effectively managing data plane and control plane synchronization. I’ll explain how you can make design decisions that’ll […]

How to Speed up Computer Without Using Any Software ! Make Pc Faster 10x -2017- All Methods-Hindi

In this video we will cover 8 steps to speedup pc

Get the Most from Your DNS-325 with a Firmware Update

Everything requires a little maintenance whether it’s a car or your houses always there’s always work to be done. And your computer and electronics are no different sometimes it’s add new feature and than other times is the correct a problem. Well maintenance on your electronics is usually accomplished by updating the firmware. The firmware […]

Holley Sniper EFI Firmware Update

Here at Holley, we’re continually striving to upgrade our products and firmware upgrades are no exception. They are a key part in making sure that your EFI performs at it’s best. Today I’m going to use this to upgrade one of these. let me show you how to upgrade your Sniper EFI. First, turn the […]

Using the GeForce Experience Software to Receive Driver Update Alerts | HP Computers | HP

This video shows how to use the GeForce Experience software to set up driver update alerts. From the Start screen, type geforce experience to open the search charm, then select GeForce Experience from the list of results. If your software is not up to date, a window might open with the message New updates are […]

Introduction to pmemkv | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Rob Dickinson from Intel. In this video, I introduce PMEMKV. PMEMKV is an open source key value store for persistent memory based on PMEMDK. With PMEMKV, applications can read and write to local persistent memory using a key value API. This API is easy to learn for any developers who’ve used other types […]

Android Vs. iOS: Which is The Best If You’re A Software Developer?

Android versus iOS, which is the best if you’re a software developer? I’m John Sonmez from and today I’m going to be answering that question. I got this email from a watcher of the channel from Junaid, I think, I think that’s how it’s said, Junaid. He says, “Hi John, thank you so much […]

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