Essential Phone – Software Rant

Hey guys, Miles here with XDA TV, and I’ve been using the Essential phone for almost a full month now and it’s a pretty decent phone and the main thing that all the other reviewers and Essential themselves talk about, is the clean and smooth stock Android experience on the phone But for me my […]

HTC Desire 826 firmware flashing tutorial

Download the appropriate firmware for your device from the links below Transfer the firmware file you download into your miroSD card Rename the firmware file to 0PHCIMG Now insert the microSD card into your phone and turn it off. If its in bootloap, press and hold power button and volume up button together to reboot […]

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Software Update, New PDA CSC, Sprint CDMA | Firmware Download and Install

welcome to android officer this video tutorial is for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus software update. Samsung recently released a new firmware build, based on android 7 nougat. Keep watching this video till the end, for a step by step guide to update latest android firmware on your galaxy s6 edge+ phone. There are […]

Samsung One UI: What about the software?

This week, Samsung is going to announce the Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus and also the S10e and probably a 5G phone, and they’re probably going to show off a foldable phone, too, and maybe some smartwatches. Yeah, it’s a lot. And I’m sure they’re all going to have beautiful hardware and be fast […]

Sales Call Tracking Software – Pipedrive

Hey, Pipedrivers. In this video, we’re going to get jiggy with the Pipedrive caller. This handy feature enables you to make outbound phone calls without leaving Pipedrive, autolink these calls to deals and contacts, create call recordings, and gather metrics all in one place. Every user in Pipedrive is granted $4 worth of free calling […]

How To: ESET Mobile Security with Proactive Anti-Theft

ESET MOBILE SECURITY with Proactive Anti-Theft Life happens …and phones get lost. But don’t worry! Proactive Anti-Theft automatically locks it… Proactive Anti-Theft sends information to Sign in to At see photos secretly taken by the phone At find out your phone’s location From send a message to the finder Please, […]

AntiVirus Free from AVG for Android Samsung Galaxy S3 – Androidizen

All right! Let’s talk about something boring. Something really boring for your Android phone. Anti virus. Yes, on your computer you have anti virus. Should you have anti virus on your phone, well strangely enough, if you have an Android it’s probably a good idea. Anti virus on your phone is not so much about […]

Share PC Internet with Android – Reverse Tethering

Hello everybody welcome to Pear Crew in today’s tutorial I’m going to show you how to use your computer’s internet connection on your Android phone using the charging cable, a process also known as reverse tethering. So before we get started we need to go to our phone settings go under the About tab click […]

Antivirus for Android : Do Mobile Phone Really Need It ?

Hi Friends I am Ankit and today we will talk about anti virus and is there any need of anti virus in our mobile phones we all have used anti virus in our computers and know its importance as anti virus protects our computer and data from viruses but there is difference in mobile operating […]

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