Best A.I. Image Upscaler? Top 7 Software Compared!

Unmesh Dinda 0:05 Hi there, this is Unmesh from PiXimperfect. And let me ask you a very simple question. What is the smallest unit of a digital image? It’s pixels, right? A 24 megapixel camera creates images that are made up of 24 million pixels. Simple stuff. Now, suppose I give you a picture made […]

How to Choose Photo Editing Software

Digital photography is everywhere these days, from smartphone snapshots to DSLR artworks and everything in between. No matter your level, photo editing software can improve your final image result. There are several categories of photo software, so choose an app that fits your level. At the entry level are apps included with your operating system […]

How to Use the Background Eraser Tool Photoshop Tutorial

Hello there. You’re watching Dansky the place to be to develop your creative skills and grow as a designer [in] this tutorial We’re going to be taking a look at the background eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop So I’ve got a photo here of a woman Now the background eraser tool is particularly useful when […]

Which Adobe Photo Editing Software is Best for YOU: Comparing Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom

what’s up on travel photographer Brendan van Son at Brandons adventures dot com and i’m going to walk you through the various adobe photo editing software and help you decide which one is right for you so if you’re feeling you the photo editing world you might be wondering which of these Adobe products is […]

DJI Ronin-S Firmware UPDATE

What’s up guys how you doing?! I have to drink a lot of water today because I was filming a early episode there I’m gonna post actually next week and I filmed some bit in the coffee house because it was a bit of a thank you Peter McKinnon episode and I drank so much […]

Best Animation Software

– [Voiceover] One of the most common questions I get from people is, “What software do you use? “Is it Maya, After Effects, Cinema 4D, “Softimage, 3D MAX?” In this video, I’ll break down the options you have when choosing your animation software. (pop, pop, pop) Before I start, I just want to clarify that […]

Krita Seamless Tile Demo

Hello! Welcome to my demo of Krita for tileable textures! Software: Krita Price: Free! Link in description. Recording: OBS I’m demonstrating the X & Y mirroring tools. Hit ‘W’ to activate the Wrap-Around feature. Then using a Brush, you can click on the Multiple Brush tool and increase the number of repetitions around a circle. […]

How to get Adobe Photoshop for FREE (Legally)

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could get Adobe Photoshop completely for free and do it legally. Now if you search this on YouTube. you’ll see a lot of videos that show you how to get Adobe Photoshop CS6, but they take you to illegal downloads. And this is […]

Best Free Photo Editing Software

For most people, Photoshop is complete overkill for basic everyday photo editing tasks like resizing, cropping, and exposure correction. Free photo editing tools have advanced light years since good old MS Paint, and here are a few of our favorites. Our favorite free alternative to Photoshop is Gimp. It’s an open-source application that relies on […]

How To Animate in Krita for Beginners – FREE ANIMATION SOFTWARE!

So, in this tutorial… I’ll show you how to animate with my favorite free animation program… Krita! Which is sort of like photoshop. It’s great for painting backgrounds, but also for doing frame-by-frame animation! *Intro Music* All the download links and the timecode codes for the different chapters in this video, will be available in […]

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