The Housekeeper. Russian Movie. StarMedia. Comedy. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Oh, God! You should have been in school long ago! – It’s time for you to go to the university! – This is none of your business! If you can’t cope with the kids then leave! Who can’t cope with the kids? I’m sorry, Yelena Vasilyevna, but I’m a nanny and not […]

5 programas de edición de vídeo gratuitos

Hola, soy Pedro Terrero y esto es CREATUBERS Editores de vídeo gratuitos utilizar programas de vídeo gratuitos puede ser una buena idea sobre todo cuando estamos empezando en este maravilloso mundo de la edición de vídeo

What is the Best Video Editing Software? HitFilm/Adobe CC/Vegas

Is this happening to you? [I] want to start making better videos. [I] just [don’t] know which video editor to choose Well look no further in this amazing video. We will be comparing the top three video editing software’s and determining Which one is best for you? My name is clem and welcome to my […]

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