Flash stock firmware: LeEco Coolpad Cool1 C106

In this video I will show you how to flash stock firmware to LeEco Coolpad Cool1 C106. I am using Windows 8.1 on VirtualBox. Because I had driver problems with Windows 10 These are 3 firmware CPB files for EUI 5.6 14S and EUI 5.8 17S. You can find download links of firmware and driver […]

How to use Miracle box to backup Spreadtrum firmware

In this video tutorial I’m going to be showing how to backup firmware from a spreadtrum device using miracle box. So I’m taking it that you’ve already installed spreadtrum drivers on your PC. So, we’ll launch miracle box tool once the interface for miracle box comes up, click on SPD tab Click on read, the […]

GPD XD – Upgrading Firmware Tutorial (also Unbrick Method)

GPD XD – Upgrading Firmware Tutorial – Unbrick Method You should have these three files. If you do not pause the video and get them from the description or from the written tutorial. Make a project file and extract all your zip files inside. Inside Driver_Assistant_v4.3 select DriverInstall.exe. Select “Uninstall Driver”. This will delete any […]

Basics of Programming #3 – Software & Operating Systems

Hello there! I’m back with another video, yeah, I know, the last video was really long, but, don’t worry, from this point onwards, it’s going to be pretty simple. So, what did we cover last episode? Well, let’s see… We covered these! The RAM is the temporary memory a computer needs while running! The storage […]

Mi Router 3 (R3) MiWifi update firmware


Update Firmware Xiaomi Yi Camera 1.2.13 Tutorial

Xiaomi Yi Firmware Update Tutorial open the Xiaoyi.com website Note that the SN Number is the number after “Z” as written on the xiaomi yi battery slot select the newest firmware for example choose Sn number 22 if your SN is Z221xxxx, or choose 22L if your SN is Z22Lxxxxx, etc save the file to […]

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