Jobber Home Service Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s be honest, most of your competitors in the home services industry, well, they leave a lot to be desired. They’re missing appointments, showing up late, losing invoices, doing everything by hand. It’s kind of a mess. Let me tell you about Jobber. With Jobber, you can easily manage your team, invoice, quote, […]

Meeting Room Scheduling Software for Digital Signage using ScreenCloud

Does it feel like you’re jumping through hoops to book meeting rooms in your office? Are you using pieces of paper and always trying to figure out what the scribbles and post it notes mean? Have you ever had an important client turn up for a meeting only for you to find the room you […]

Workday HCM, Financials, and Analytics in the Cloud: A Software Industry Analyst Perspective

Why is Workday important in the market? Workday was the first SaaS company that actually designed their solution. Once again, like I said, for the worker not thinking about the HR department and the finance department first. … What Workday did is Workday actually reimagined those processes, put them online with the worker being the […]

Zoho: Software is our craft

Look around you. Different things. Born out of truth and beauty of simple ideals. Ideals of honesty, ideals of passion. Timeless craftsmanship, of inspiration in action. It is the product of the hands but even more; a creation of the mind. Software. The ultimate product of the mind. It’s our craft; our identity, inspired by […]

When does it make sense to give a newly hired software engineer a meaty project?

“Hey, Ronan! How are you doing? How’s your team?” “They’re doing great! They’re doing really good, in fact, I’m concerned they were almost to the entire back wall with bugs and I’m not too sure what to give them next.” “Maybe a project.” “I don’t know, I was really hoping to keep mining bugs for […]

Hiring Software Engineers: What To Do And Expect From New Hires

“Hey Ronan, congratulations!” “Oh yeah, we just hired five engineers.” “Yeah, that’s awesome. Are you gonna start onboarding them soon?” “Onboarding them?” “You know, walk them through the architecture, maybe use some pair programming.” “I don’t have time for that, that’s why I hired five engineers.” “So you’re just gonna let them sink or swim?” […]

Event Registration Software – Cvent

At the Company Investment Institute, being a financial institution, security of finances is the upmost importance for us. I found Cvent to be the most secure in our searches specifically how it hides credit card information and you’re only able to see the last four digits which for us was really important to make sure […]

The Top 7 Mistakes First Time Software Founders Make

– The top seven mistakes that great founders make. Not true, redoing it. (upbeat music) Top seven mistakes that founders make. In today’s video I’m gonna share with you guys how to avoid wasting resources. If you’ve been building your company, and you’ve made a couple pitfalls, I’m gonna walk you through the seven most […]

How Pair Programming And Mob Programming Help Quickly Onboard New Software Engineers

“Hey Ronan, how’s it going with your new hires?” “Great, I did everything that you and Chris suggested, but I’ve run into a small snag.” “Oh what’s your snag?” “Most of my new developers don’t know rails.” “Oh well just pair program with them.” “It’s just one of me.” “Oh that’s right, and five of […]

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