Remove Virus from your PC without any Software in Windows 10 (SFC Scan)

Remove virus from your PC in Windows 10 without any software Please close all programs before running the scan! open command prompt as administrator sfc /scannow This may take around 20 minutes to finish

การสแกนไวรัสแบบ Boot time Scan ใน Avast Free Antivirus 2016 | Khunjone

how to fix all viruses on your computer without any software in Windows 8 and 8.1

How to fix all viruses on your computer without any software in windows 8 and 8.1 open command prompt as administrator run the command sfc /scannow hit enter the scan will take time to finish it may take 30 minutes at the end of scan, it’ll show the results of scan if it fails to […]

Akai Pro MPK mini MKII – Complete Setup, Software Download, and Installation Walk Through

Virus & threat protection: Keep Defender antivirus at full strength

[MUSIC]>>Hi, I’m Iaan.>>I’m Amitai, and we’re from the Windows Security Team. We’re going to show you around the virus and threat protection pillar in the Windows Security app. This app helps you monitor and manage your antivirus. Come to this screen for everything you need to keep your antivirus working, whether you’re using the built-in […]

THE LOTTERY PICKER® 2019 : PC Lottery Software to check Powerball & Mega Million Numbers

The Lottery Picker 2019 check powerball numbers check powerball tickets This is your numbers file and these are your numbers. They are called Keepers check mega millions tickets check mega millions numbers You can change choose any of your saved Keeper files from the drop down menu This file has 125 numbers within it read […]

Testing of Antivirus Software in Detecting Viruses

Welcome channel,your solution provider.I’m David and today i would show you how to test your anti-virus capability. First of all, you have to copy this code from the description of the video and paste it on notepad. or any text editor and save it as executive application. Choose about old files instead fig virus […]

How to Scan your Computer Using Windows Defender Offline | HP Computers | HP

Scan your computer for malicious software before your operating system boots using Windows Defender Offline. Before scanning your computer, save and close any open files and programs. Select Start, type Virus and threat protection, and then select it from the results. Under Current threats, select Scan options. For previous versions of Windows, select Run a […]

3D scanning with Photogrammetry for free! – Tutorial

Hey guys Phil here and I thought today I’d show you a little something about how I do my 3d scanning. So right now I’ve got this rock here and it’s pretty good cuz it’s a nice overcast day so we’re gonna have no shadows. And that’s something that’s important of course because your final […]

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