Getting started with Clipflair: Hercules SDH

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial on how to subtitle videos using Clipflair. All files produced by the Clipflair platform have the extension .CLIPFLAIR and can only be opened through the platform, not with any programme in your computer. Also, the use of Firefox as a web browser is recommended because it works better […]

September 2018 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is the Intel Developer Zone Update. In this episode, we cover the recent milestone of a school in the Oakland Unified School District, the latest practical processor rolling out of Intel’s inventory, and give you a breakdown of the 2018 Unreal Open Day Event, which took place in Shanghai, China. […]

The Bean – Deconstructing Coffee | How To Make Everything: Coffee

The Roast – Deconstructing Coffee | How to Make Everything: Coffee

Bill Gates on Software Breakthroughs & Computer Science Education – MIT 2004

[MUSIC PLAYING] PRESENTER: Welcome to the Kresge Auditorium. If you will please take your seats, we’ll be starting momentarily. We request that you make sure all cell phones and pagers are turned off. And also, please note that all audio and video recording is prohibited. Please limit any flash photography to just the first one […]

Digesec Hashing Utility: computer / engineering software – tutorial by TechyV

Hi friends, this is Charlie from And today we are going to see Hashing utility. So before we start out, I would like you to advice that this software is useful for engineering students. I mean those who are from computer or IT background. Usually the students get this type of example during their […]

Free Pascal Program Tutorial 1 – Getting Started – Lazarus Download Link – Mac Windows Linux

SchoolFreeware’s Free Pascal Program Tutorials Tutorial 1 Getting Started. This new tutorial series replaces the Free Pascal Tutorial Series. This new tutorial series includes more examples and topics to better meet the educational requirements of students and teachers working with Pascal. There are two Free Pascal Lazarus Tutorial Series available at SchoolFreeware, at the time […]

#04 Ge200 Firmware 1.2 upgrade Metal tone test !!「ICON MUSIC 」

歡迎大家返到來ICON MUSIC呀 Firmware 1.2 我地上次就為大家測試左個清聲 咁有朋友留言論話個清聲係1.2上更新係好左好多 但係係佢地彈METAl 野上個拆聲出來既效果比較令 咁大家就睇下今次呢條片有無同樣既感覺 唔該晒我地既結他手Ahim再次為我地去測試Firmware1.2 4個後級模擬 賣個廣告先啦 來緊我地既負責人將會同Olá School of Music 合作舉行一個講座 今次主要係講速彈既講座 如果大家有興趣可以入我地既資訊欄到睇下啦 個到有條Link 係到 比大家去Join我地呢個講座既 來緊我係會整更加多唔同既影片既 希望大家可Subscribe我地既頻道啦 或者上facebook既專頁比個Like我地 好今次就係咁多 Bye Bye!!

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