Best Screen Recorder Software and Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Tips

this video is sponsored by Hostinger Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back to Gal so in a lot of the videos that I do for this channel I use a screen recorder to show you what I’m doing on my computer when I’m doing a particular tutorial or effect and a lot of […]

The Best 100% Free HD Screen Recorder

ezvid an amazing screen recorder and video editor for windows to get started go to ezvid dot com and download ezvid for free to start recording your screen click the capture screen button wait three seconds then launch your game, program or web browser when you’re done recording click the stop button ezvid will render […]

Best Screen Recording / Capturing Software for YouTube

Hey guys, this is your helpful and resourceful YouTube expert, Derral Eves. Now over the years, I have literally recorded my computer screen almost everyday for one reason or another. Now I’m a geek, I admit it, it’s true. I’ve tried a lot of different screen recording software on both Windows and Mac. Some are […]

How To Record Your Windows PC Screen Without Any Third Party Softwares [2018]

Hello folks Welcome to an yet another video from iSpecss In this video I will be showing you how to screen record on your Windows PC Without any Third party applications. This will only works on Windows 10 OS. So before we Start up get subscribed to this channel and click on the bell icon […]

How To Record Video Games with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Today, someone from the Video Creators community is going to walk you guys through how to use the open broadcast software, how to set it all up so you can record your screen– your video game footage or whatever you’re doing on your computer– along with your microphone, and a little square of you from […]

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