September 2018 | Intel® Developer Zone Update | Intel Software

I’m Stephanie Essin, and this is the Intel Developer Zone Update. In this episode, we cover the recent milestone of a school in the Oakland Unified School District, the latest practical processor rolling out of Intel’s inventory, and give you a breakdown of the 2018 Unreal Open Day Event, which took place in Shanghai, China. […]

3 Awesome Reasons You Should Become a Software Developer | Origin Code Academy

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Software Engineer Salary In 2020 (secrets to be a well-paid developer)

Hi guys, this is Lee. Welcome back to the channel. If you want to see videos about game development and programming, consider subscribing to my channel and turn on the bell. Then you won’t miss my next episode. Today I would like to talk about the software developer’s salary. Some people may tell you that […]

Game Developer’s Conference Preview! | IDZ Weekly | Intel Software

GDC 2019 is just a few days away. I’m Stephanie Essin, and in this IDZ Weekly, we spill the beans on Intel’s goals at the conference this year. Roger Chandler, Intel Vice President in the Architecture, Graphics, and Software group, shared his thoughts about what’s in store for Intel this year at the conference in […]

Werken bij Cegeka: Als Software Developer werken bij het Ventouris-team

A day with remote software engineer Lydia Hallie

So for those who don’t know me yet, I’m Lydia Hallie. You may know me as the Avocoder on Instagram or as that 19 year old girl from the Medium article in 2017. Well, I work remotely, I travel all over the world by going to different AirBnBs basically every month. I do this so […]

The Path to Streamlined Cross-Architecture Development | oneAPI | Intel Software

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, and welcome to Tech Decoded. I’m Henry Gabb, editor of The Parallel Universe. Today I’m here with Bill Savage, vice president and general manager of Compute Performance and Developer Products. Welcome, Bill. Hello, Henry. So Bill, Intel recently announced the oneAPI initiative. Can you tell us what oneAPI is and the vision […]

Intel® oneAPI on Intel® FPGAs Development Flow Overview | oneAP | Intel Software

Hi, I’m Alby, In this video, I describe the various compilation stages and developing designs with Data Parallel C++ on Intel FPGAs. The FPGA development flow has three stages of compilation, emulation, report generation, and hardware bitstream generation. First is the emulation stage. The emulation compilation flow is typically done to verify the functional correctness […]

Software Developer WTCS

Nathan>>If you … want to fix computers, … develop software, so … you can create the next iPhone app or create the next social media network, this is the field that you wanna get into. So far I like the confidence I’ve gained over the years … the ability to look at a problem and […]

How to Be Productive as a Software Engineer | My Secrets to Get More Done!

hi everyone this is Lee welcome back to the channel if this is your first time here I make videos about game development in programming consider subscribing and turn on the bell then you won’t miss my next episode and this video I would like to talk about how I can be productive in my […]

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