Antivirus with Todd A. White

>>Todd: I’m Todd White from ProServ Software and Support, and today we’re gonna take a moment to Talk Tech. This episode is “antivirus”. [music introduction] Okay, I’m always asked about being protected online. The producer of this show thought it’d be a good idea to bring up antivirus, and what would happen if she had […]

Odoo erp Development |Hire odoo developer – CONFIANZ

Meet TOM. Tom is an entrepreneur but he’s struggling to manage his business although tom is using software solutions for core functions like accounting sales and marketing this systems are disconnected and its customer base is suffering from the lack of efficiency tom knows that he needs an enterprise resource planning system but the hectic […]

Scrum in Axon Active – Offshore Software Development Company

Scrum is a framework that helps people to work on complex adaptive problems and delivers products with the highest possible value How we can use Scrum in Offshore Software Development The Development team should have a size from 5 to 9 people and they take care to “build the things right” We need a Scrum […]

Software Development Jobs: NO CODING!

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from I got a question about other software jobs. No coding. If you don’t like coding, this question is for you. This video is for you. This question is from James and he says, “This is a quick question. I’m finishing school this spring (2 semesters =a year) […]

Web and Software Developer Weekend Academy at NWTC (15 sec)

Do you wanna be a Code Ninja? Start your Web Developer or Software Developer degree this fall. Look into NWTC’s Weekend Academy. Take the next step in your career by attending classes on weekends

A New Introduction to Jira & Agile Project Management

Jira is one of the most flexible most powerful Agile team management tools that there is. All that power is its greatest strength – maybe also it’s its greatest weakness. Jira can be a little overwhelming at first. But just a few key things will get you pretty far toward harnessing the power of it […]

Software Engineer, Leslie is Working at Comcast on the X1 Platform

Day in the Life: Software Developer

What surprised me most about working for Reynolds and Reynolds is just how much fun I’m having here. It makes me feel really good that we are developing the code because we then gain the expertise. We know the code inside and out. We’re not relying upon somebody else halfway around the world to implement […]

Is Software Development Right For You?

Hey, what’s up, John Sonmez from I thought I would do a little bit of a different video this time and address something that I think some of you that watch this channel, some of you that don’t watch this channel and just happen to come across some of my videos might be wondering […]

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