Microsoft CDAs on the Importance of Soft Skills – with Zachary Deptawa and Bernd Verst

Day two of the Microsoft Tech Summit in Frankfurt and I met these great guys from Microsoft and I asked them what they think about the importance of soft skills for software developers. Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m Patrick from and I would say let’s start with Zach. Now Zach calls himself and […]

How To Get A Programming Job Without A Degree

I know a lot of you out there have self-taught. You taught yourself how to become a programmer. That’s great. That’s awesome. I self-taught myself before I got my degree, and I got a job without a degree. I got several jobs without a degree. Some of you, maybe you’ve come from a coding bootcamp. […]

Working Remotely From Another Country: Is It A Good Idea?

John: Hey, John Sonmez from I got a question from Tom here about sort of international exchange rates and moving. He says, “I plan to move to Brazil where my wife is from in the next year and I’m just learning programming and would love to be able to work remotely while earning in […]

Do Software Developers Need Communication Skills? | Programming Tip of the Day – Tim Buchalka

– Have you noticed that in movies, a programmer will often be cast as someone who is lacking in social skills or hasn’t got many social skills, someone who is arrogant, perhaps, and just being socially awkward in general? So my question today is do you think it’s important for programmers to actually have good […]

Software Developer Career Information : Software Developer Salary

A typical entry level software developer, here in the valley, probably makes around 80 or 90 thousand dollars a year, out of school. And typically you get- at first, like first 4 or 5 years of your career you get larger raises because you are- your career is- you’re learning a lot and your and […]

10 Questions you Need to ask your Software Developer

Commissioning a new software build is a major decision it’s really important to get some things in place at the outset to avoid costs spiraling out of control and to make sure that the final product meets your needs. The issue is that business owners often don’t know the things that they should be asking […]

Pierre – Software Developer IMC Amsterdam

I’ve been a software developer for a year now. This involves both improving and designing new software. Anything that could improve what we do and the way we do it. What makes a really big difference at IMC, is when working here you are constantly being challenged. So it means that you are going to […]

Navid – Murex Developer Interview

A New Introduction to Jira & Agile Project Management

Jira is one of the most flexible most powerful Agile team management tools that there is. All that power is its greatest strength – maybe also it’s its greatest weakness. Jira can be a little overwhelming at first. But just a few key things will get you pretty far toward harnessing the power of it […]

Top Software Developer – San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County – HyperTrends Global Inc

Did you know that building high quality Software can grow your business by as much as 10 times? Whether you are a Startup or an Enterprise, or if you are looking for high quality Software Development to grow your business, look no further. Since 2006, the folks at HyperTrends have helped businesses grow their revenues […]

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