Impostor Syndrome Software Engineer (smash it by 3 good practices)

Hi guys, this is Lee. Welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time here, you want to see videos about game development and programming, consider subscribing to my channel and turn on the bell. Then you won’t miss my next episode. In this video, I would like to talk about developer impostor […]

▸▸ 3 Tier Architecture Of Software Development // Taufan Aeroperkasa💡 GO-LEARN

I am Taufan from Technology Division at GO-JEK. What is the difference between back end and front end? In software development there are 3 tier architecture: front end, back end, and database. Back end development is a developer or programmer who takes care of business logic in the server. The difference with front end is […]

What is a Software Package?

What exactly is that package? Well a package is just simply a container um think of it like a zip file. In fact you can rename any NuGet package if you just downloaded it uh with .zip extension and open it up And it’ll have in there all file scripts uh everything it needs to […]

How to Hire a Developer the Easy Way! – Nearshore Software Development

Hey there! Are you in the business of developing software, websites or apps? If so you might have noticed that it’s becoming more expensive to attract and retain experienced software developers locally. However these days software teams use online platforms to communicate and work effectively with each other over the Internet. Kaynes is a software […]

Software Engineering and Management, Master’s Programme – Combining technology and people

I think software and software development is a growing field within Sweden and world-wide. Something unique about my programme is that it’s located at the Computer Science and Engineering department, which is a shared department between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. Having teachers from both universities gives us a quite good foundation in the […]

Improve the world with software

The major revolutions in our society are directly connected to software. Artificial intelligence and digitalization are software. Society needs this competence. We need more software engineers driving these revolutions. Our students usually ask themselves: “What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?” Computer science focus a little bit more on the theoretical and […]

Software Developer In Australia (land a job as a foreign developer quickly)

Hi guys, this is Lee. Welcome back to the channel. In this video, I would like to talk about how to land a job in Australia as a foreign software developer. I will share with you how I got my first job offer in 4 weeks and how I landed a six-figure salary job. If […]

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Time to change career? What are the signs?

Did you spend the weekend giving out about your job? Did you spend time at your friends giving out to them about your job? You never actually chose your job. It just happened. Is that actually what you want to do? And is it definitely making you happy? You’ve got to be doing something that […]

Soft Skills: From Mediocre To Million Dollar Developer 💲

Today, I’m going to be talking about why soft skills are so important for software developers. Stay tuned, because I’m going to give you a couple of tips to improve your soft skills by the end of this video. What’s up, guys? John Sonmez from If you’re just joining me for the first time, […]

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