What’s it like being a software engineer at Bulb?

Something that’s really important to me is just that I work somewhere that I really identify with the goals of the company. The company mission is really clear, we want to get as many people on green energy as possible; everyone is really driven by that. But also from a tech and product side of […]

Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (New York City)

so I’ve been working as a software engineer for the past five months now and I got this job right after graduating from college so I’m here in New York City, and if you’re wondering why I can work from home, it’s because the work I do is largely project-based and my team is spread […]

Software Engineer Work at ACV Auctions – Steven Shary

I’ve been working at ACV for about one month now. In my one month I feel like ACV is on the precipice to grow dramatically and we’re looking at solving problems of scaling for a company that’s going to be growing at a very very high clip. My current project is to work on changing […]

Typical Day as Software Developer

Chelsea: Yeah. So what does today look like? What is a typical day as a junior dev at Q Centrix look like? Tucker: So I show up usually around 9:00, give or take, 15, 20 minutes. It’s pretty relaxed, which I like. As long as you’re there for stand-up at 10:00AM you’re good. But I […]

Software Engineers Save Lives Too

I’m Priyanka I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer for the business unit Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. I am in such a role where I am actually contributing to saving peoples lives by providing intelligent and safe mobility solutions. The main reasons that I would recommend Continental for someone else would be the healthy work-life […]

A new software Developer in Capgemini

My name is Matthijs van Boven. I’m a test consultant with Capgemini. Yeah, I’m really enjoying my time. Since I started here, I’ve learned a lot. And I think I’m progressing. When I was really young. In my teens. When I bought new technology A month later, it was considered old. It was at that […]

Retail Manager to Software Developer

Before I started with Code Institute, I was a retail manager for Iceland food chain. Just before I started with Code Institute, I had my first daughter and I then began to realise that I was working lots, and not home a grand amount. That needed to change. Coding did excite me but I didn’t […]

A day in the life of a 13 year old software engineer

A day in the life of a software engineer A day in the life of a 15 year old software engineer. software engineer at facebook

Fresher Salary in TCS

did you hear the news about the announcement made by TCS TCS is also known as tata consultancy services they made a very big announcement which will impact the entire software industry last week TCS said that they are going to hire 1,000 freshers right out of college right out of college campus and give […]

Brazilian software engineer talks about his move to Christchurch, New Zealand with his wife.

I remember when I went to the supermarket for the first time, I was buying stuff and then the lady asked me, “How is your day going?” Then I said, “What?” “How is your day going.” Then I said, “Why is she asking me that, people don’t ask that.” Hi, I am Marcel Ferreira, I’m […]

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