Software Engineer Work at ACV Auctions – Steven Shary

I’ve been working at ACV for about one month now. In my one month I feel like ACV is on the precipice to grow dramatically and we’re looking at solving problems of scaling for a company that’s going to be growing at a very very high clip. My current project is to work on changing […]

Typical Day as Software Developer

Chelsea: Yeah. So what does today look like? What is a typical day as a junior dev at Q Centrix look like? Tucker: So I show up usually around 9:00, give or take, 15, 20 minutes. It’s pretty relaxed, which I like. As long as you’re there for stand-up at 10:00AM you’re good. But I […]

Why you should Network as a Software Engineer

In this section, we’re going to talk about networking In previous sections, we’ve talked about the importance of forming constructive relationships with your teammates and how they can help you to achieve your career goals One way to really broaden your horizons and explore outside your area is to network. Networking with people outside of […]

How to meet other Software Engineers at Meetups and Conferences

The tech community as a whole is really great at organizing meetups and tech conferences There are so many different types of them out there and to name a few there’s events for JavaScript, mental health and tech, Lgbtqia+ Robotics and also these! A lot of the meetups in the US can be found on […]

Meet Panagiotis | C# Software Architect at ASML

My name is Panagiotis Leloudas I am a software test architect at ASML. I test software components for the YieldStar metrology systems, which measure the wafers on a micro-scale at various stages of chip production. I also design the test strategy for all the new features that we implement. We need to catch all the […]

Meet Petar | Python Software Design Engineer at ASML

My name is Petar Georgiev, and I work as a software design engineer at ASML. I work in one of the embedded software departments at ASML. We are responsible not only for the drivers of the machine, but also for the so-called CPDs. They are standalone applications used to calibrate the machine, measure the performance […]

How to Kickstart Your Software Engineering Career

Hi, I’m Mayuko, I’m a Software Engineer living in the San Francisco Bay Area AKA Silicon Valley and I make youtube videos about my life as a Software Engineer! We need software engineers now more than ever, to push forward the technological bounds to unlock the potential of humanity and improve society. We’re using technology […]

Software Engineering: Evolving Computer Programs

I’m Jerry Salif the president of SFI and it’s a really great pleasure to welcome all of you thank you for coming despite the much-needed rain it’s great to have all of you here you’re missing the president tonight but I think you’re in for a much better treat than than that so thank you […]

How I became a professional software developer

Hey guys. So I thought in this video I’d do something a bit different and I’ll go through my journey as a professional software engineer. I’m a full-stack software engineer, that means that I work in all different languages from the back end to the front end, so I can do back-end DevOps and hosting […]

Software Engineer Burnout

Burnout. It’s the physical and mental exhaustion from overwork or overexposure which can exacerbate feelings of cynicism and low confidence and it’s really common in software engineering Now I want to underline that I am NOT a medical professional. So please don’t take this lesson as medical advice My intention is to talk about what […]

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