SoftCraft – Custom software development company

We are an IT outsourcing company with a solid software development experience We have started as small team to help companies reach their business goals Our portfolio consists of lots of great projects Our clients have always achieved their goals with our help shaping our team we always strive to select the best of the […]

Software Engineering at UVic

[Music] Software engineering is a creative but technical field to be in and it’s an industry that’s blowing up and it’s really exciting to be part of the processes of creating new technologies and creating the future that we want to see. During my co-op placement at LlamaZoo I’ve developed a software using VR and […]

How to check the firmware version on your Sony Blu-ray Disc™Player that does not have internet

hi I’m Todd from Sony and I’m here to show you how to check the firmware version on your Sony Blu-Ray disc player the reason you want to check the firmware version is to make sure you have the most current functionality and features available for your product for my demonstration I’m using the BDP-S300 […]

Blackberry Türkçe menü ve açılmıyor arızası çözümü!

How To Flash All Blackberry Phones With Loader Blackberry software installing and update run desktop manager next select your language please remember subscribe run blackberry desktop manager update software

Computer Software Tips : Deleting Files on a Computer

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today, I’m going to show you how to delete files on a computer. Let’s look at my desktop. I have a lot of files here on my desktop. They may be old, but I just don’t need them anymore, so what I want to do, is delete these files. […]

Installing Arduino Software on WIndows 10 and running your first sketch

Hi guys welcome to techydiy. I’m Nigel and in this second video about the Keyes Arduino rfid system learning kit we’re going to install the arduino development software on a Windows 10 PC This will then enable us to program the UNO board and experiment with the kit So to start with we need to […]

2D Animation Software – Cartoon Animator 4 Review

Topic 4: Computer Software

This presentation is intended to give an introduction of the … topic based on the textbook and other references. You are advised to perform further readings, Internet searchings and discussions for better … understanding and assessment purposes. Topic 4: Computer Software This topic provides an overview of the major types of … software that you […]

Improve the world with software

The major revolutions in our society are directly connected to software. Artificial intelligence and digitalization are software. Society needs this competence. We need more software engineers driving these revolutions. Our students usually ask themselves: “What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?” Computer science focus a little bit more on the theoretical and […]

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